Bhutan Post will introduce the first collection of NFT stamps

Bhutan Post is the first postal operator to introduce NFT stamps backed by additional lifetime benefits that have never existed for traditional stamp collectors until now.

The postal industry, with its 182 years of philatelic heritage, has great potential to become one of the largest markets for NFT digital collectibles in the world.The philatelic heritage includes over 900,000 stamps issued throughout postal history, with a estimated market potential of approximately $ 25 billion in annual secondary sales by 2035.

The involvement of postal operators with new digital technologies offers exciting new opportunities for collectors of the oldest postal asset: postage stamps, but in digital format. From September 20, 2022, collectors around the world can own the first NFT stamps with ownership benefits never before available to philatelists. Discover the first NFT stamps with real lifetime benefits for eligible collectors issued by Bhutan Post in partnership with Stampsdaq. The latter is an EU-based NFT company founded in 2021 and dedicated exclusively to cooperation with postal operators around the world. It recently launched a market for NFT stamps based on the Polygon Blockchain.

Are postal NFTs poised to become the largest digital collectibles market in the world?

Business collaboration

Philatelists and NFT collectors from around the world can now own a piece of history, as the entire historical collection of Bhutan Post, the national postal operator of the Kingdom of Bhutan, will be symbolized as an exclusive limited edition of NFT stamps. A multi-year exclusive cooperation agreement between Bhutan Post and Stampsdaq Estonia will provide existing philatelists and the rapidly growing global community of NFT collectors with a fun, interactive and rewarding NFT stamp collecting experience.

With Bhutan Post is the first Asian partner and the first Asian operator to issue NFT stamps with Stampsdaq. Bhutan Postal Corporation Limited (Bhutan Post) is the national postal operator of the Kingdom of Bhutan serving domestic and international mail and parcel logistics for nearly 800,000 of its citizens.

The Bhutan Post collection will include the famous 2014 historical stamp set “The 12 Deeds of Lord Buddha”. Each stamp in the set will have 5 NFT design variations ranging from Common to Unique. Bhutan Post aims to symbolize in NFT its entire historical stamp collection to date, as well as to issue new NFT stamps in the coming years. Every Bhutan NFT stamp collector, for example, will have the chance to win an exclusive travel experience in the Kingdom of Bhutan up to 4 times a year starting in 2023.

After considering the choices, we decided to partner with Stampsdaq because their business model resonates with our long-term vision for developing NFT stamps. We both believe that creating additional utility benefits and live experiences for NFT stamp collectors is the way to increase the value and collection of Bhutan Post’s NFT stamps. With over 60 million existing stamp collectors and over 28 million active NFT portfolios at the end of 2021, the market is vast …

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