Brand wars are rocking the world of NFT and Metaverse

This year the world of the web3 has had a hard time with the devaluation of cryptocurrencies. Subsequent hacking episodes added to the leaks and doubts. In fact, several metaverse companies have gone bankrupt as a result of these disastrous events, and most metaverse users feel insecure about these hard hits of 2022.

Yet we come to a turning point in the history of the metaverse and NFTs. Brands are waking up and realizing the importance of their involvement in the web3.

A type of war bigwigs is happening in the metaverse right now. It turns out that big companies no longer want to be left behind.

The high Marche and large corporations are moving towards the gates of the metaverse to overcome the opportunists. It is still up to the US Patent and Trademark Office attorney to write the numbers on those moves.

Big companies are climbing

The Metaverse is a world of opportunity that entrepreneurs of all caliber can draw on. While some are launching their own products and services, some shark tooth entrepreneurs are taking over well-known labels. The latter sign up in the name of the major brands of metaverse with the aim of achieving large turnover.

In fact, for those who register on the web3 in the name of major brands, the expected turnover is enormous. This isn’t really the case for big brands. The turnover to be achieved on the metaverse represents only a small complement for large companies.

However, the presence on the metaverse is essential for the latter. They need to be truly present in this new world of advertising opportunities. Otherwise, these large companies will lose their evolution in this new virtual reality but intrinsically linked to the economic developments of tomorrow.

The figures attest to the interest of the big brands

Attorney Mike Kondoudis took stock of the situation with statistics on his Twitter account. The data show real interest from large companies in the metaverse. So in January of this year, registrations stood at 480. The numbers jumped to 530 in February.

The enthusiasm of the big companies for the Metaverse really showed itself in March with a registration rate of 604. Thereafter, the numbers gradually decreased, but still expressive. In fact, the registration rate reached 443 again in June, and was at 329 in August.

These figures communicate the interest of large companies in metaverse companies. Their presence on the web3 does not therefore depend on the price and reliability of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Big companies are in the metaverse just to be there.

Financial opportunities related to the web3 exist and are certainly of interest to large companies. On the other hand, for the moment, attendance outweighs earnings. In addition, marketing strategies and growing market sectors are still being studied in the metaverse. One thing is certain in any case, the metaverse will not disappear!


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