eShot Labs, the first BtoB solution for creating NFT live video

Founded by two Frenchmen, the start-up launches its offer for creating NFT videos in five clicks on September 20. It has already attracted a renowned client and investors.

Soon a clip of the fashion week show edited in NFT in real time? Now it is possible with the solution announced on September 20 by eShot Labs, the young shooting founded by Fergus Leleu (ex Shadow) and Jean-Baptiste Kempf, president of VideoLan. Popularized by American start-up Dapper Labs with its various NFT collections of sports and eSports clips, such as NBA Top Shot, UFC Strike, or Eternal, the concept of NFT video has never been tried in real time so far. “Today 80% of the content on the Internet is video, but in Web3 nothing is done. It went live seven years ago,” explains Fergus Leleu.

Fergus Leleu, CEO and co-founder of eShot Labs. © eShot Labs

eShot Labs therefore presents itself as an interface to allow companies to issue real-time NFTs of their events in order to anchor the best moments of a live sport, music or broadcast into the eternity promised by blockchains. And aware of the technological friction still resulting from joining Web3, the French company has decided to abstract all the difficulties related to this type of experience. “We provide SaaS tools, via API, dedicated to businesses. Due to the wallet problem, we have set up registrations via Google, Twitch, Apple, Facebook or email in addition to Metamask (Portfolio Web3, ed). We also realized that traditionally it took 10 to 15 clicks to create an NFT. With our solution, we are within five clicks, ”explains Fabien Arneodo, Marketing Director of eShot Labs.

Also, with the exception of Bitcoin, which is less popular for this use, the device is accessible on most networks: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Algorand or even Flow. eShot Labs then offers the (private) key in hand, until the video is stored. “Both offerings are possible. We offer an archiving solution through Google, but if the company has its own solution, we can work with existing digital asset managers,” continues the marketing director.

“With eShot Labs we also had the opportunity to choose our investors”

The proposal is tempting, as evidenced by the pre-seed fundraising of 3.5 million euros carried out last May around business angels such as Nicolas Louvet (CEO of Coinhouse) and Nicolas Béraud (founder of Betclic) or venture capitalists such as Kima Ventures. , Andurance Ventures or Ventech.

Fabien Arnéodo, Marketing Director of eShot Labs. © eShot Labs

“We created the company in March and, after some small administrative delays, our collection was done very quickly. We also had the opportunity to choose our investors,” says Fergus Leleu. The company does not expect any structural or financial changes until the middle of next year.

Among its customers, eshot Labs already counts the largest freestyle sport competition in Europe, the FISE. During the event which brought together 10,000 people in late August, 1,842 NFTs were acquired by the public as a test. “Proof in pictures that the solution works technically,” says Fabien Arneodo. More tests should follow as the team ensures that this “Live NFT Maker is the first product we release”. The company not only wants to convince traditional companies to turn to Web3, but it wants to do the same with “Web3 talent still reluctant to video”.

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