NFT and NBA: Tony Parker comes into play!

French artist Julien Durix launches into Web3 with an NFT “Like a Brush” collection in the colors of his work. He will discover with us his universe of him and the surprises he has in store for his community.

About the artist

Cradled since childhood in an artistic environment, Julien Durix has devoted himself completely to painting since 2012. After two years of art studies, he quickly embarked on a more personal practice, which features characters from his childhood as him.

Since his beginnings, emblematic characters have always been present in his paintings, as if they were one with him.

Active in the world of contemporary art for more than 10 years and with more than 500 works to his credit, Julien exhibits at the Galeries Bartoux. If this name means nothing to you, know that these galleries are located in 15 cities around the world (Paris, London, New York, Miami …) and exhibit no more and no less the great masters of contemporary art of the 20th century . !

Julien’s works, whose value in galleries today reaches 50,000 euros, mix eras and universes. Not only painting, Julien Durix is ​​also a sculptor. During his career as an artist, Julien has explored different means of expression for his art and his constant desire to innovate has led him today to create in the Web3 space.

“Like a Brush”: the art behind the collection

Durix’s first NFT collection is inspired by the genesis of every painter’s work: the brush.

Julien’s first sculpture, a 195 cm colored brush, quickly became one of his most iconic works. It made sense for Julien to draw inspiration from this work for his first digital art collection. This perfectly embodies the genesis of his series of volumetric artwork.

Each brush in the NFT collection has multiple features that allow you to create unique and different variations.

In addition, Julien has designed hundreds of new features inspired by his original work “Like a Boss” (the pink panther on a throne surrounded by two black panthers). But here, the famous panther disappears in favor of a child with a familiar face: this character is in fact Julien as a child, another reference to his genesis, on his throne, surrounded by various acolytes. What could be more logical for the birth of a project than taking an interest in childhood?

The artistic purpose of the collection is to allow everyone to identify with the character and to imagine themselves in the skin of this child whose dreams are limited only by his imagination.

The NFT collection in more detail

The collection consists of 3,333 3D animated brushes hand-drawn by Julien Durix. It should be available during the month of September at a price of 0.28 eth per NFT.

On various occasions, all drop genesis owners will be able to request free, hand-signed, limited edition prints of an original Durix artwork created specifically for the community.

Easter eggs have been hidden in some NFTs in the “LIKE A BRUSH” collection. These “special” NFTs unlock physical gold brush sculptures (30cm) and 1 NFT unlocks an original Durix brush sculpture (size: 2 meters / value: $ 25,000).

Finally, a burning mechanism has been introduced into the collection. This will be progressive, there will always be 3 burning periods to collect the exclusive physical artworks; the first will be open 3 months after the mint, the second after 1 year and the third after 3 years. The first two windows are not limited and holders are guaranteed to receive the physical graphics corresponding to the burn window.

On the other hand, the third window, which unlocks the highest value physical artwork, will be limited to the 333 longest holders of the mint. If the number of wallets with the longest holding time exceeds 333, a draw will take place to select only the 333 winning wallets. Owners who will keep their works until the third burning window will therefore have to take into account a risk / return ratio.

The collaboration with Tony Parker

To create a collection of “bosses”, what could be more obvious than teaming up with real champions?

Following a 4-year artistic relationship with Tony Parker, one of the most respected French basketball players in the NBA, and in total agreement with the charitable values ​​he carries, 111 NFTs of the collection in the image of the champion were created.

“When I started working on my NFT project and thinking about the concept of the collection, it seemed obvious to me to illustrate Tony. He has always been a “Boss” in his field of him, so this image suited him incredibly well. “Julien Durix said.

All revenue generated from the sale of these NFTs will be donated to the player’s charity: Infinity Care.


It is therefore a colorful collection that Julien Durix promises us and we can’t wait to find out what the rest of his journey in Web 3.0 has in store for us. In order not to miss any of his news, you can follow him Twitter.

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