the event to discover the digital world in Paris

Binance Blockchain Week, a three-day event begins in Paris: during this show, attendees will meet, discuss and learn about Web3 technology and France’s role in the digital revolution.

Binance Blockchain Week: Introducing CZ along with a minister

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao opened the eagerly awaited event with Minister of Digital Transition and Telecommunications Jean-Noël Barrot. Both have discussed in detail the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the appropriate regulations.

CZ presents France’s current approach in a positive light for Web3. The cryptocurrency firm has partnered with Station F, an incubator whose partnership cost $ 100 million. CZ also plans to significantly increase its presence in France: it has already hired 100 new employees and plans to hire hundreds more according to the CEO.

French universities, according to CZ, are of high quality and higher engineering courses are ideal for training new talent. These reasons helped Binance CEO choose France to found his company. CZ also states that France has exceptional training and education in security-related areas.

CZ told us about the positive interactions the company’s executives have had with the French government and regulators. They said the French administration is strict but careful, clear and responsive. Minister Jean-Noël Barrot corroborated this statement by recalling the obligation maintained by the administration while being attentive, clear and precise on his expectations. Binance has received little advice and recommendations from other European countries regarding their expectations of the legal framework.

CZ and Jean-Noël Barrot have announced an agreement with Simplon, a school that offers digital training throughout France and the rest of the world. By training more than 10,000 people on blockchain and web currencies, this partnership hopes to offer the next generation, as well as the hopes of tomorrow, new jobs and challenges in Web 3.0.

Advance regulation

The minister said he was satisfied with the quality of funding in France. He said it was possible to throw unicorns without having to leave the country. To illustrate his point, he mentioned Ledger and Sorare as inspiration for new French startups.

The minister encouraged French businesses and entrepreneurs to visit the next French sandbox. Launched in March 2023, it will be a place to discuss Web3 regulations in France. CZ noted that the MiCA regulation does not take into account stablecoins or NFTs or market reality, despite being a model in many different areas.

The minister on the subject believes that decentralized financial instruments are extremely important. For this reason, France continues to work on laws to allow entrepreneurs and innovators to create future Web3 tools.

France could pave the way for many other countries in a decentralized future. The Binance Blockchain Week that has just begun should allow many experts to address various topics that are important for the future of the blockchain and the digital world.

Binance, on the other hand, continues to grow and develop. After the network update, Binance Coin’s trading volume just surpassed 1 billion. The price of BNB rose 2.04% after Binance launched Binance Account Bond (BAB) for KYC verification.

The increase in development activity on the platform in recent days coincides with the timing of the latest BAB update. For Binance, this was a real show of strength, showing a responsive and cohesive community. Furthermore, such an impact shows how many developers are involved in improving the technical capabilities of the network.

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