With its “live NFTs”, French eShot Labs create the fastest NFTs in the West

Sent on September 20, 2022, 6:00 am

This is the kind of project that restores hope in NFTs. Non-fungible tokens have seen their volumes plummet since this summer, but in the shadow of the speculative collections that have made headlines, technical innovations are trying to give them a new impetus. This is the case of eShot Labs, a French start-up that creates NFTs from live video streams in a fraction of a second, and without the need for technical skills.

The young sprout formalizes its launch this Tuesday. He is backed by Kima Ventures – Xavier Niel’s fund -, Ventech, Andurance Ventures and around thirty individual investors including Coinhouse boss Nicolas Louvet or Betclic boss Nicolas Béraud. They brought 3.5 million euros to the project, “based on an idea summarized in five slides,” as its founder, Fergus Leleu, puts it. He is associated with Jean-Baptiste Kempf, known at Shadow (PC for cloud gaming), best known for being the head of the essential VLC video player.

Become a brick of marketing devices

The eShot Labs platform caters to B2B, including marketing departments, advertising agencies, and the events industry. “We want to integrate into global communication strategies,” says Fabien Arneodo, marketing director of the start-up. The role of eShot Labs is to simplify the creation of NFTs as much as possible.

How does it work ? Imagine a football championship whose matches are broadcast on television. On the platform, the TV stream appears live. With an interface similar to that of a mobile, you can select an excerpt that will give the NFT, with or without audio. We choose the price, and the blockchain (Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Tezos, Aglorand or Flow), then we export the NFT. Either on OpenSea and Rarible, or in your own environment.

“NFTs have proven their relevance as marketing content because they allow you to create discussions with communities, Starbucks just launched one, but we have noticed that for brands it is difficult because there are a huge number of steps to create an NFT and that everyone collides with the friction point of the wallet ”, sums up Fabien Arneodo.

NBA high shot

An event organizer could reward their visitors with an NFT video clip made available instantly. Could a sports league, at the end of a game, sell the best shares to NFTs that will perhaps become collectors? eShot Labs is limited to the technical platform, tasking creative minds with finding use cases for these “live NFTs”.

«The best shots in the NBA [des actions de baskets en NFT, NDLR] generates millions of dollars with a static approach and videos published ten days after the games ”, compares Fabien Arneodo. With a responsive tool like eShot Labs, he sees juicy potential.

In anticipation of the billions, the company is paid according to a classic SaaS subscription model, divided into three offers: only, for Twitch or YouTube influencers who want to “cancel” NFT from their e-sports, SME and monolicence for, for example, football clubs and finally, majors, for professional leagues that manage multiple licenses.

When the NFTs are gone

With this type of technology, eShot Labs could also have targeted the general public. A social platform where everyone creates their own NFT videos, like Vine and its 15 second videos or TikTok 3.0. But it would have been too risky, given the trend of the NFT market, but above all the enormous amount of liquidity required by a strategy aimed at the general public.

With its B2B tool, managed as a white label among other things, the start-up wants to be forgotten. As Fergus Leleu explains, “We remember that at the beginning of the web there was talk of HTTP for websites, but today it is the content that takes precedence. We think it will be the same with NFTs ”.

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