Helium will migrate its blockchain to Solana later this year.

The community helium voted to migrate its ecosystem from its native blockchain to Solana. The migration to Solana took place with a majority of votes 81% on the HIP70 improvement proposal. Furthermore, the migration will take place from here in October until December 2022.

The passage ofhelium to the Solana network

Helium is a blockchain-based network that powers a wireless communication protocol powered by thousands of individual users. In fact, it will migrate its own dedicated Level 1 blockchain to the Solana blockchain. This will allow it to interact seamlessly with other apps Challengeof the NFT and app Web3 living in the Solana ecosystem.

According to Scott Seal, COO of the Foundation heliumthis migration is essential to evolve its decentralized wireless network.

“We have an ambitious mission to deploy and manage large-scale wireless networks and the migration to Solana allows us to do that. Solana has a proven track record of driving some of the largest decentralized initiatives in the world, and it was an obvious choice for our partnership. The move to Solana’s blockchain allows us to focus our efforts on scaling the network rather than managing the blockchain itself. “

The helium core development team first invented the HIP 70 of 1 September 2022. As a reminder, Nova laboratoriesthe company behind the blockchain heliumrecently announced a strategic partnership with T-Mobile. Their prepare for launch helium Mobile with service 5G.

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Multiple benefits

The decision to opt for Solana came after the team has looked at other blockchains that would allow him to move from maintaining his own blockchain to building wireless applications. The developers said Solana’s economies of scale and arsenal of developer tools were a key factor. The ability to interact with decentralized financial applications and NFT markets on Solana also played a key role.

helium uses a unique proof-of-coverage algorithm that rewards users who prove that the network coverage exists in a certain region. Participants distribute the called devices hotspot which function as both miners and hotspots without net receive mining rewards via wireless means instead of via a mining computer. The proof of cover algorithm intermittently poses cryptographic challenges hotspot to prove that they are actually providing network coverage at a given time in a specific place. When migrating to Solana, the number of cryptographic checks will increase, which will improve the reliability of the coverage.

After switching to Solana, a new version of the application helium wallet it will also be published. The holders of NHT they can hold their assets in Solana portfolios. The developer team expects greater utility for tokens NHT, IoT and MOBILE within the Solana ecosystem. Users ofhelium Mobile will be able to earn MOBILE tokens using their smartphones.

Migration elicits a negative reaction from the community.

In addition, industry experts and community views helium on migration were mixed. Last week, a venture capital fund behind Algorand suggested that helium migrate to Algorand.

After HIP70some server members Discord of Helium rejected the idea. This is due to Solana’s network outage history. Others have complained that they have no say in the choice of the blockchain. A few offers Cardano and Cosmo.

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