NFT: Funko is betting big with DC Comics!

Fri 23 Sep 2022 ▪ 14:00 ▪
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For some, the cryptocurrency and NFT market crisis is an opportunity to create tempting projects. This is the case of Funko, the American pop sticker specialist, which he plans to launch In short a “figital” collection of comics at Walmart. Note that this idea is 100% supported by the American studio Warner Bros.

Funko’s “phygital” NFT collection seduces

Walmart and Warner Brothers have both accepted Funko’s outstretched hand in a brand new NFT project. In fact, this popular Pop sticker brand has offered them to sell a collection of both physical and digital comic books in Walmart stores.

This constitutes what is called a “figital” collection, the contraction of the words “physical” and “digital”.

This new partnership with Funko will see the comic book cover on sale. The brave and the brave from DC Comics in two formats, physical and digital. After purchase, the collector will walk out of Walmart with a print of this coin with the Justice League facing Starro. He can also link his crypto wallet and apply for his NFT online, which he will be subject to mint on the World Asset eXchange (WAX) blockchain.

This is Funko’s way of thinking about democratizing NFTs to the general public.

A concept that Monoprix has already tried in 3 of its Parisian stores last July. On a few occasions, the French brand has offered its customers 550 non-fungible tokens from the Rude Kidz collection for 249 euros each.

Note, however, that the ” The brave and the brave at Funko is limited to 30,000 copies. You will have to wait until October 7 to be able to get it.

Funko CEO Andrew Perlmutter pointed out that:

Bringing this new collection of digital collectibles to retail will reach an even wider audience and invite fans, whether avid collectors or those entering this space for the first time, to engage, physically and digitally, with beloved franchises, such as A.D.

An increasingly used marketing strategy

This isn’t Funko’s first attempt to democratize non-fungible tokens. In fact, in 2021, the American company had already associated NFTs with its flagship “Pop!” “. He also offered his customers to give themselves an NFT for the purchase of stickers.” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “in the same era.

For Walmart, the sale of NFTs on its shelves began in February 2021. By that time, trading card and candy specialist Topps had released a series of physical and NFT cards called ” 2021 Garbage bucket Food fight for children An opportunity for collectors to purchase Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) card packs, including Walmart and Target’s namesake NFTs.

Finally, we will notice that the approach chosen by Funko Digital Pop is sure to inspire other companies. Of course, the adoption of NFTs is not yet generalized, but, gradually, consumers will find some interest in them, in particular by collecting “phygitals”.

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