Tony Parker has big plans

The NFT and the NBA collide once again and this time they make Tony Parker the melting point. Furthermore, since the launch of NFTs, a good handful of web3 users have shown interest in sports translated into NFT. These collectors hoard the collections ofUsain Boltof the NFLfrom Johnson Magicnor many others.

Creators, investors and artists are aware of the collector’s craze for sports-themed NFT collections. Artist Julien Durix also took the opportunity to launch a collection of NFT art with a partial collaboration with basketball player Tony Parker.

The artist, in fact, is launching a collection that translates some of his best creations into NFT. The circumstances being favorable, he decided to integrate Tony Parker or rather the latter’s image into his collection. The conclusion of the agreement between the artist and the basketball player went smoothly.

The Like a Brush collection

Julien Durix titled his exhibition NFT Like à Brush. This artist is one of the best contemporary art painters of our century. Furthermore, he is exhibited in the Galeries Bartoux. The young man records a value of approx € 50,000 in the galleries he exhibits. But this is only a rough figure when all of his successes are taken into account.

Fans of the artist recognize in his most iconic works the painting entitled Like à Boss. This is a painting of the Pink Panther seated on a throne and guarded on both sides by two black panthers. This work is at the origin of his Like Brush collection. Additionally, he does an NFT interpretation of this work, but this time an image of him as a child replaces the black panther.

Several 3D animated paintings make up the collection. The NFT price is currently set at 0.8 ETH. The artist wanted to hide the surprise eggs in her works to reward collectors.

Julien Durix invites Tony Parker into his collection

Like a boss is an evocative title. Julien Durix, on the other hand, preferred to play on words to offer a more artistic aspect to his NFT collection. In any case, the artist wanted to incorporate the image of a boss into his collection, hence his initiative to invite Tony Parker to appear in the NFT.

The artist is well aware of the weight of the basketball player in this denomination of boss. Tony Parker on his part is not disenchanted by Julien Durix’s proposal and has accepted the deal. So the deal in question stipulates that Parker’s earnings on the collection will be poured into the coffers of his Infinity Care charity.

Julien Durix revives the NFT arts with his collection and has chosen his ally to take the game very far. Cheer!


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