how did the killer steal the property of his victims?

“The killer of ads” or “the cuckoo of crime”. So he was nicknamed Alfredo Stranieri. He killed his victims under strobe lights, but he squandered their money in plain sight, never hiding. A character as mysterious as he is outlandish, his motives still raise so many questions despite a thorough investigation.

The only certainty, he pretended to be a buyer in the ads to spot his prey. After defrauding his victims, has usurped their identity to steal their property, mixing lies and inventions to hide their disappearance.

The testimonies of the lawyer of Alfredo Stranieri, father of one of the victims and editorial manager of the “” platform shed new light on this whole affair, for “the hour of the crime”

A certain Frederic Adman

On January 4, 1999, Simon Cohen, a 32-year-old Paris merchant, had an appointment at a gas station near Orly Airport. A few days earlier he had posted an ad on the internet, to sell his Jaguar, offered for 390,000 francs, about 60,000 euros.

A certain Frédéric Adman stepped forward. He is on time for the meeting and inspects the car. He says he’s interested but didn’t take the checkbook. He offers the salesman to accompany him to the restaurant-disco he owns.

The New Love, Alsace-Lorraine boulevard in Viry-Châtillon is right next door. On site, he quickly shows Simon Cohen in the basement, has fun with the sound system and laser lights. Then suddenly, total darkness. “Good way”, throws the disco boss, doing it right away shoot with a rifle. Five explosions hit the dance floor. Simon Cohen is shot in the shoulder by .22 long rifle bullets. The so-called Adman flew away. His real name is Alfredo Stranieri, 43 years old.

The king of tricks

Alfredo Stranieri is wanted for attempted murder. Investigators are evaluating a scam gone wrong. Foreigners indeed appears as a king of the circle, known as such by justice. More than ten years ago, in 1988, he founded the company in Senlis Ferretti of the Oise. He pocketed aid and bank loans and left the debtors in a decanter. He will be banned from management three times by the courts. On October 97 we find him in a scam at the expense of an auto loan company.

At the same time he took over the management of New love in Viry-Chatillon. Contract established in the name of his wife and daughter, especially not to appear in this transaction. The owners of the establishment, Frédéric Adman, 53, and his partner Nathalie Girard, 30, are delighted to have closed the deal with a buyer who hasn’t even discussed the price.

With the money, they can have some fun. But on November 13, 1997, Frédéric Adman and Nathalie Girard
vanish into nature.

One hundred stolen checks

In New Love, the new boss Alfredo Stranieri is a smiling man. The disco is always full. He doesn’t have to worry about the expenses. All works and suppliers are paid with checks signed by Frédéric Adman, 75 in total, or his partner Nathalie Girard, 23 checks on his side. Nathalie’s father, a retiree living near Bordeaux, is intrigued by the sudden disappearance of his daughter.

He made the trip several times to Viry-Chatillon, where he systematically met Strangers. The latter repeats that Nathalie and Frédéric are on their way. He has news but can’t say more. Another time he tells him the couple has money problems. Nathalie would be pregnant, depressed, described as homeless. Claude Girard is a totally distraught father.

Stranieri says he understands his concern, he who also has a daughter, e attempts to extort 200,000 francs from him. In desperation, Claude Girard files a complaint in Bordeaux for kidnapping and forced imprisonment who does not know the following.

He is told that his adult daughter is free to disappear. Claude Girard will spend long nights in his car in front of the New lovewithout suspecting his daughter and his partner are buried a few meters from him.

Guests of “Hour of Crime”

– Me Jean-François Canis, Alfredo Stranieri’s lawyer.
– Claire Corgnou, journalist and editorial manager of the platform

-Claude Girardfather of Nathalie Girard.

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