Flybondi airline innovates with NFT tickets

Sun 25 Sep 2022 ▪ 10:00 ▪
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Flybondi, the Argentine discount airline, has announced that it will now integrate non-fungible tokens (NFT) in his ticket office. By introducing non-fungible tokens into its business operations, the company wants to expand its options and give its customer base more flexibility. Users will then have the option to sell or transfer NFTs to other travelers within a specific time period.

NFT tickets land on airlines

Flybondi integrates NFT tickets into its business strategy

NFT travel tickets are seen as the future of ticketing. If they are so successful right now, it is because they create a unique bond between travel companies and their customers. Furthermore, they generate the involvement and interest of a new type of traveler, thus generating an additional source of income. It is all these benefits that further encourage airlines to invest non-fungible tokens. The latest is Flybondi, an Argentine company renowned for its affordable prices. In fact, she decided what time she would go issue tickets in NFT. A commercial operation that will certainly allow it to expand the possibilities offered to its customers.

To carry out this project, he requested the services of Viaggiox, a structure operating in technological development. Travelx will build the solution that will allow customers to transact using blockchain technology. Users will be able to do this transfer, exchange or sell tickets by changing your name up to 3 days before the flight.

The partnership between Flybondi and Travelx will also allow travelers to purchase tickets Binance Pay with some stable coins. Currently only USDC is supported, but Travelx promises to include many more stablecoins in the future, to expand user options. As you may have guessed, NFT tickets allow travelers to plan their trips well in advance. They can thus take advantage of the best prices without any risk or delay.

The market for non-fungible tokens is on the rise

Enter the web technology 3 and commercial project NFTs will drive new markets. For Travelx, the inclusion of these new technologies pushes customers into a new phase “Where the travel industry and the new web3 world come together to offer a much more flexible experience to travelers, generating new sources of income and a significant reduction in transaction costs for airlines. “.

It has to be acknowledged a lot few companies are currently investing in NFT ticketing. Flybondi is one of the very first to offer non-fungible token tickets. He knows that many structures will soon follow suit if his results are conclusive.

The Commercial operations based on NFT they became much more democratized in 2022. Institutions such as the European Union use NFTs for security purposes. Because, with the technological innovations of the blockchain, it will be easier to protect intellectual property by fighting counterfeiting.

According to a recent report by analyst firm Grand View Research, non-fungible tokens are still far from their real potential. The same report states that by 2030 the NFT industry could reach $ 200 billion..

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