Will virtual reality and the metaverse offer new opportunities for LGBTQ + gamers to express themselves?

While we all have differences, they don’t stop us from being human first and foremost. Therefore, everyone should have the same rights and opportunities, even when it comes to an area like games.

Metaverse – CREDIT: Pixabay

Unfortunately, LGBTQ + players regularly face discrimination. With the democratization of virtual reality and the metaverse, this should change and offer them new opportunities for expression. We discuss it below.

Metaverse Pride: a start for new opportunities

June is the month of Pride. It is celebrated openly in various places, but 71 countries continue to criminalize the very fact of being LGBTQ +. To combat this discrimination, People of Crypto Lab or POC created a blockchain-based metaverse project. In partnership with The Sandbox, a virtual hub of diversity, inclusiveness and equity was created during Pride Month.

Called the Valley of Belonging, the center allows people from all over the world to attend events they don’t always have access to during normal hours. It is a safe space where minorities, including LGBTQ + people, are welcomed like all other people. This is a real opportunity for them in different areas and not just for celebrations.

Metaverse and virtual reality: a world where everything is possible

The metaverse and virtual reality allow access to a world where anything is possible. For LGBTQ + gamers, for example, it is now possible to create fully customized avatars based on non-binary templates for strategy games and other video game genres. Avatar traits can now represent all ethnic, sexual and gender identities.

You can even find different skin tones and add details that mark the differences like hijab or even prophetic members. It should be remembered that during Decentraland’s Metaverse Pride on June 11, avatars were able to kiss each other and freely express their feelings towards each other. Regardless of the sexual orientation of the participants, couples can marry in the metaverse. For the occasion, they then receive NFT certificates.

The vision of a world for everyone

A parallel world where diversity and inclusion are emphasized exists thanks to the metaverse and virtual reality. It is a vision of a world for all where everyone works and plays together without discrimination. Coexistence is independent of physical presence. However, it should be emphasized that it is not about living online. It is about ensuring that time spent online is qualitative and meaningful.

To take this forward, Meta collaborates with various experts from industry, government and academia. The goal is to highlight the keywords which are: privacy, economic opportunity, integrity and security, but also inclusion in equity. LGBTQ + gamers can therefore look forward to a much better future when it comes to new opportunities for expression in games.

More Metaverse than online video games?

Metaverse offers a wider choice of activities than a video game. In addition to playing, the platform allows you to participate in events without necessarily moving and without any discrimination regarding your sexual orientation. Metaverse also allows for varied and borderless encounters. It also provides access to distance education and information.

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