Fortnite could stop the fire

The metaverse divides opinions from the side of video game enthusiasts. A strong skepticism about the future of web3 games is gaining a good part of the gaming community. Sometimes the question arises as to whether there is reason to be truly skeptical or whether it is more a matter of purism. Are gamers really skeptical of blockchain games?

On the one hand, one might think that this reluctance in the face of web3 born from the desire to maintain the values ​​of the old video games. Yes, big players who love World of Warcraft or Age of Empire feel the need to keep the ethics of their favorite games. This need is understandable, but in the end a very particular game can change the situation, and it is Fortnite.

It is always up to the gaming community to publish an analysis on theAdvanced metaverse games via Fortnite. In fact, there is material to work on and the topic should benefit everyone. Zoom on this new plot.

Fortnite is a forerunner of web3 games

Fortnite is a Battle Royal game and this is what makes it popular among players. Battles in Fortnite give others the opportunity to vent any kind of frustration and allow some to perfect their techniques. This game unites all fans of the genre around common causes, and that’s a good thing.

Then Fortnite is a world in which several players retire to go about their business after a long day or simply for other entertainment. In fact, players are not required to take part in battles in Fortnite. The world in which the game evolves allows players to participate in other ways.

Players can simply explore the Fortnite MAP to wander around. They can listen to music, go out in a car or on a boat. Fortnite also allows you to purchase skins just for fun. By the way, they now offer DBZ skins. You can also find popular character skins like John Cena here.

All these possibilities that Fortnite offers make us simply say that the game is a precursor to the metaverse. If so, why aren’t Fortnite fans really excited to bring their favorite game to the metaverse?

A matter of appreciation

On its own, Fortnite opens up a world similar to what the creators of the metaverse offer players. We can go to Fortnite simply to escape from everyday life. At the same time, the idea of ​​migrating Fortnite to the metaverse raises the hostility to the gaming community.

To be sure, the Fortnite community wants the concept of the game not to change. On Fortnite, players don’t stake or farm. Nor do they buy NFTs to build a fortune. Gameplay and interactions prevail over Fortnite, and players don’t want to see this trend change with the massive use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The future will tell us more about this story. In any case, there is food for thought on this desire of the players to maintain the integrity of the game.


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