Hello and Mastercard will make people happy

Big news in the world of finance and cryptocurrencies, Hi and Mastecard have collaborated. The innovative cryptocurrency platform and Mastercard will jointly launch customizable debit cards with NFT, resulting in a number of unique benefits. If this card interests you, here are the details.

The first NFT debit card will be available soon

Those who are privileged to own these NFT debit cards will have the ability to personalize their card with an NFT avatar that they verifiably own and spend in over 90 million locations around the world that accept Mastercard. We can speak here of a real innovation that is making us move more and more towards the web3, even if compared to the year 2021 the price of cryptocurrencies has dropped slightly. With this news, the financial giants could only be more intrigued.

Additionally, it was in a blog post that Hi confirmed its new partnership with Mastercard to launch NFT customizable debit cards, giving users the ability to design their own NFT avatar cards. You can find in the same article all the advantages that Hi offers through this collaboration. Furthermore, among the advantages, we find the possibility of recovering up to 10% of what customers spend or the possibility of choosing from a hundred digital subscriptions.

According to Sean Rach, the co-founder of Hi, NFT cards are great, but they are a great way for people to show in the real world which online community they belong to. He added that with these cards, customers get the flexibility to spend stablecoins, combined with financial rewards for an attractive lifestyle and with this offer, they are confident that their NFT card will change the game in the market.

What are the features of the new Hi and Mastercard NFT card?

Hi and Mastercard’s new customizable debit card will give users the ability to seamlessly spend their cryptocurrency. In fact, those who have this card will be entitled to Hi tokens and will be able to trade BTC, ETH and USDT, with over 90 million merchants accepting Mastercard payments. Additionally, the new NFT personalized debit card will also allow UK and EU members to deposit their wages directly to their NFT personalized card via their banks and split their favorite cryptocurrencies.

Christian Rau, manager of Mastercard’s web3 branch, said he is committed to providing an accessible payment choice for communities who want to use their cards. So they are proud to work with Hi to continue to drive innovation in the market and enable these customizable cards and the security that Mastercard is known for. It is currently known that the new debit card will be available in six variants with a number of benefits, depending on the subscription level chosen.


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