Perpignan Real Estate Fair: “More and more first-time buyers in their twenties want to invest in sustainability”

Bank loans, borrowing rates, financial assistance and the search for investments in values ​​as certain as stone: a real estate brokerage professional and a bank manager present at the Salon 2022 of the Dominican church (which was this Sunday, October 2, the third and last day ) reveal the trends and expectations for this early autumn.

With four agencies spread across Perpignan, Rivesaltes, Elne and Thuir, Meilleurtaux (the .com was abandoned two years ago) is pretty well established in Roussillon. At the stand of the 2022 Real Estate Exhibition Stéphanie Ayache who manages the Thuir sector, and her colleague Sophie Naves that of Rivesaltes, regret “the few visitors” even if some interviews went well “concrete and positive “. These real estate brokerage professionals say they are in a wait-and-see situation following the recent reassessment of the usury rate which went from 2.57% – for 20-year mortgages, including expenses – to 3.05%. Their fear? That this increase proves insufficient“if the banks decide to also raise rates in the wake

. “

Wait-and-see attitudeA wait-and-see attitude also shown by the neighbor of the Meilleurtaux stand, Loïc Sarda, director of Crédit Mutuel Cabestany and of the Perpignan Kennedy sector: ” I also remembered that for a duration of less than 20 years, the wear rate has risen to 3.03% versus 2.60% so far. he points out.

But the real estate situation has changed. From June 2021 to June of this year, bank operations and loans at advantageous rates have allowed the real estate market to surge. For example, last June, as regards Crédit Mutuel des Pyrénées-Orientales, these loans brought in over € 10 million. Not to mention, the numerous properties on offer quickly found buyers. Which is no longer the case “.

“Put the money aside”What is less rare, however, are, according to Stéphanie Ayache “ the very young – natives of the years 2001-2002 – buyers for the first time who come to find out before investing in sustainability “.The watchword: set aside the money to be able to buy the stone. It’s a “ immutable safe haven ” says the financial advisor. She develops: “We have two types of customers: young, hardworking, determined, permanent employees or with a good inheritance, with or without personal contribution, but eager to become owners of their manor house. And elderly couples, around the 1950s, whose children they fly on their own wings. They are rather a second home they intend to afford. ” The quotes on the most requested home loans?“Over 25 years, with monthly installments of around 660 euros . “

It covers all the costs of a home loan (credit rate charged by the bank, brokerage fees, borrower insurance) and is intended to protect people from sometimes abusive lending terms.

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