after a sluggish summer, the rates are jumping again

An average increase of 0.20%, sometimes more, and mortgage rates that no longer fall below 2% with some brokers. Despite the recent rise in the usury rate, credit applicants may still face difficulties in obtaining finance.

For a break in the real estate credit sector, we will have to wait a little longer. While the summer has been rather quiet, the recent hike in the usury rate from 2.57% to 3.05% for 20-year loans and beyond will cause banks to move, determined to revise their scales upwards.

During the summer, the twenty-year average rose from 1.90% to 1.95%, remembers Ccile Roquelaure, spokesperson for the broker Empruntis. But the increase is in order for the October barma. We have an average increase of 20 basis pointswith higher plants, in increments of up to 0.30%.

+ 0.20% on average

A trend confirmed by Sandrine Allonier, spokesperson for the Vousfinancer broker, who explains that it is not surprising that all the barmas received for October show rate hikes, from 0.20 to 0.40 points.

Therefore, on average, a mortgage applicant can expect a loan 2.01% over 20 years according to Meilleurtaux, compared to 1.92% a month earlier. And for longer periods, the average rate offered by Meilleurtaux’s banking partners was 2.19%, up from 2.07% in September.

Average rates in banks in early October

    • ON 15 years: 1.70% according to the Partner; 1.80% for loans; 2.23% according to Pretto; 1.86% for Meilleurtaux.
    • ON 20 years: 1.78% according to the Partner; 1.90% for loans; 2.14% according to Pretto; 2.01% for Meilleurtaux.
    • ON 25 years old: 1.94% on average according to Le Partenaire; 2.05% for loans; 2.17% according to Pretto; 2.19% for Meilleurtaux.

    Average rates recorded by the brokerage networks, on the basis of the scales provided by the banks. They do not take into account the cost of the borrower’s insurance.

A general increase that could continue in the coming weeks, as some Empruntis partner plants signal the possibility of increasing their rates increase in the height of the wear ratewith an increase of 48 basis points.

Real estate credit: the usury rate exceeds 3%, a breath of fresh air for borrowers

Thus, as in September, some banks will strive to attract new customers, while others will have no choice but to continue to develop their standards. We must take into account the refinancing conditions, explains Ccile Roquelaure. A bank with a lot of savings in accounts or a lot of stocks will be less affected. According to Empruntis, banking institutions are also increasingly attentive to residual savings borrowers after the project.

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Indeed, the French debt rate, the French 10-year OAT, which serves as a benchmark for banks to set their credit rates, hit 2.72% on Monday, a level not seen since. June 29, 2012 (2.72%). However, the higher the OAT goes up, the more likely it is that banks forced to borrow on the markets will revise their rates upwards. It is therefore best for all credit applicants to submit their application quickly.

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