NFT Beeple artist networks have scammed again

Successful NFT artist Beeple once again faced phishing attempts on his community. This time, the OpenSea page of one of his collections showed a Discord link containing a fraudulent bot.

Beeple’s Discord server victim of phishing

Famous non-fungible token artist (NFT) Mike Winkelmann, known under the pseudonym Beeple saw his social networks used again for phishing attempts.

Specifically, it is Discord. As an NFT collector on Twitter pointed out, the Discord link on OpenSea for “BEEPLE: EVERYDAYS – THE 2020 COLLECTION” indicated a lounge. with a fraudulent program :

The bot in question is a malicious Collab.Land. Such bots are used on Discord, for example, verify that the user has this or that NFT to access a server. Here, in this case, it would seem that giving permission to this program could have allowed a hacker to empty the contents of the wallet that performed the signature.

Beeple later confirmed the phishing attempt, accusing Discord “be garbage»:

However, some observers note that the problem is not attributable to Discord. but to the artist’s mismanagement of connections :

Whatever the reason, the artist has not communicated the possible victims of this attempted scam. On the side of OpenSea, the collection in question a Discord link is no longer displayed at the time of writing.

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The artist already a victim of his success

Beeple enjoys great popularity in the NFT world. Last March, one of his works sold for $ 69.3 million at an auction organized by Christie’s. This notoriety is then used by malicious actors to try to steal funds from investors.

So, last May, Beeple’s Twitter account has been hackedresulting in the theft of over $ 400,000 in phishing attacks.

The modus operandi this time is different, it was authorize a smart contract thinking about interacting with the artist’s Discord server Collab.Land bot.

In order to prevent possible problems, it is recommended to do this copy and paste the smart contract address into a blockchain explorer on such transactions before each signature. For example, if you notice that the contract was created recently, while the verification on the Discord server has been going on for some time, this could be an indication of a scam attempt.

This event proves once again that for any project, artist or popular collection, it is necessary to remain vigilant, because careless people will always try to profit from it at the expense of investors.

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