NFTs come to life with Artpoint

Remove NFTs from wallets. This is the mission that the NFT platform has given itself, which offers artists and collectors the opportunity to exhibit their “non-fungible” works almost everywhere in the physical world, from hotels to shopping centers, including corporate offices, railway stations and even airports.

A proposal based on the experience gained over several years by the two founders of the platform, Julie Corver And Laurie Bonin. Because before taking the Web3 tour, Artpoint was already a reference in the field of digital art since 2018.

The platform thus brings together an exceptional collection of over 3,000 works by 250 artists from around forty countries, ranging from 3D to generative art, including photogrammetry. All were selected following an extremely rigorous curating process.

A new experience around NFTs

By integrating NFTs into this collection of digital works, Artpoint now offers artists and collectors a new experience. And by giving the works visibility, the platform aims to increase their value, which will ultimately benefit the entire community, creators and owners of NFT alike. A logic consistent with the philosophy in force in the Web3 ecosystem, where sharing and emulation are fundamental values.

Relatively reserved field, until a few years ago digital art was one of the main beneficiaries of the NFT revolution. This gives creators more freedom, while democratizing art in general.

A community of enthusiasts to increase the notoriety of the project

To create a real community around the works on the platform, Artpoint has created the Collector Club Program, which brings together digital art enthusiasts within an ecosystem of creative artists, sponsors and exhibition venues engaged in the dissemination of digital art. .

This program will allow collectors to benefit from the following exclusive benefits:

  • Take advantage of early access to the next drops;
  • Receive invitations to events and openings;
  • Participate in the curation of exhibitions;
  • Follow the exhibitions of your works and see the artist grow;
  • Interact with artists and become a patron of digital art;
  • Get discounts from exhibition partners, such as access to a spa, free drinks in bars, hotels, etc.
  • Join a collectors club and enter a new era of collecting and prizes.

An exceptional first NFT drop

To celebrate this leap into the Web3 universe, Artpoint organizes an exceptional drop called “The cabinet of imagined worlds”, which brings together four artists: Benjamin Bardou, Gael Corboz, Julie Lindh And David Szauder.

These artists offer works through which they share a vision of parallel realities that can only exist in our memories, in our fantasies or in our nightmares.

Thus they revisit a classic theme of art history, born in the Renaissance, the cabinet of curiosities. A theme that consists of representing a room in which various objects, sometimes strange, religious, historical or natural, are collected, offering a dreamlike or surreal vision of the world.

The Web site

The launch date organized on will be announced on social media.

On this occasion, holders of an NFT from The Cabinet Of Imagined Worlds collection will receive exceptional benefits from a Parisian partner!

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Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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