Ubisoft: Yves Guillemot backs off on NFTs?

Game news Ubisoft: Yves Guillemot backs off on NFTs?

Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot seems to be retracing his steps on Ubisoft’s NFTs …

Ubisoft made a lot of noise with his Quartz project on NFTs and the blockchain. Yves Guillemot seems to be taking a step back in a Question and answer session granted to Gamesindustry and Eurogamer.

Quartz, NFT … Ubisoft pioneer?

In 2021, Ubisoft announces creates his own NFT shop called Quartz. In particular, Ubisoft has promised weapon and equipment skins offered as NFTs for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint game. A launch that had made a noise, provoking negative reactions from several players. While Ubisoft, through its vice president of the laboratory of strategic innovations Nicolas Poulardinitially stated that the NFT critics did not “understand the benefits”the editor seems to do Backtracking in the last interview by Yves Guillemot.

“We are still in search mode”

In recent question and answer session with Eurogamer and GamesindustryYves Guillemot explained that these projects were … “just a test”.

We really look at all the new technologies. We’re a lot on the cloud, on the next generation of voxels, and we’re looking into all the capabilities of Web3. We recently tested some things that give us more information on how it can be used and what we should do in the world of video games. So we are testing in the game testing process that … we will see if they really meet the needs of the players and then they will hit the market. But we are still in search modeI’d say.


We probably weren’t very good at saying we were just doing research. We should have said that we are working on it and that when we have something that will give you a real advantage, we will bring it to you.

As a company, we started early with virtual reality, on Wii – we’re always trying new things. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always to make sure we can bring players a new experience that will be innovative and interesting. The goal of the business is always to create the best experience and new technologies are always useful because there is less competition and people are more interested in trying new things on new technologies. .

Yves Guillemot therefore seems to do a mea culpa on communication around NFTs and the Quartz project. He goes too question the future of these technologies in Ubisoft. If the editor wants to create the better experience with new technologiesit also seems prioritize the “need of the players”. We can therefore have some doubts about the presence of NFT in the next games from Ubisoft.

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