Game | Video game: Life Beyond will be “one of the goals of the metaverse” (Benjamin Charbit, CEO of the Darewise studio)

Far from our Earth, a hostile planet: Dolos. There are still vestiges of a vanished civilization. The players’ mission is to explore, complete objectives and, of course, survive. Life Beyond, an MMO developed by the Darewise studio, dives into this science fiction universe.

This multiplayer game aims to go beyond entertainment and create a real place in the metaverse. Life beyond, “it is a very strong fiction in which players will be able to exist“sums up Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise studio and former Game Director of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag.

Dolos, a hostile planet but “full of opportunities”

To allow players to experience this virtual life, Life Beyond sends them to Dolos. A futuristic world with graphics that can evoke Fortnite, one of the references also points out the CEO. “When you arrive on Dolos, it is a planet full of opportunities but dangerous because there are vestiges of a civilization that you do not know but that has left its nano-robot technology.“, continues Benjamin Charbit But, of course, it’s not that simple: these technologies”they see us as an aggressor and want to drive us away“.

This is the experience that the players who participate in the open alpha, open from 22 June with about 20,000 players connected, live. This testing phase focuses on a “pioneering experience“which is rather traditional gameplay of this type of cooperative game.”We are going on an adventure in this region, we have missions to complete, resources to find …

Gradually the three main axes of this game will be revealed: exploration, currently under test; a phase of colonization for “establish the foundations that will serve the development of communities“then comes the aspect of governance with”economy, society …“.

“The next step is in the metaverse”

And it is with this third pillar, “this is where we really enter the metaverse“which, with the web3 (based on blockchain, the technology that allows in particular NFT and cryptocurrencies), is an integral part of the project.

To Darewise, “on is convinced that, in the future, we will have different existences: our physical and digital existence“, he continues. For this former entrepreneur,”the next step is in the metaverse “ that allows you to choose “Who will I be: woman, man, maybe another gender, maybe a creature … I can have another story and that’s what’s fascinatingt “. And, for Benjamin Charbit, Life Beyond”is one of the destinations of the metaverse

NFTs are also part of the Darewise studio adventure. Non-fungible tokens will gradually take an important place in Life Beyond, the first competitions on Twitter to win them have already been launched.

In the idea, these tokens could be “a bunch of items, currency, possessions, vehicles, etc. And as all of this grows, even as a free economic market with supply and question, what you hold will appreciate“. The CEO therefore hopes that this experience is”much more than just a game, it will be a place you come to socialize, lead communities and even generate income“.

From now on, with the end of the first phase of open alpha will open “second season“in the 1st quarter of 2023.”The game level will be more oriented towards the appearance of the colonies“, Benjamin Charbit specifies. But it is especially at this time that an additional layer will be delivered to live the Life Beyond experience at all times.”It is not just a game that we play on PC, it is a virtual world with which we will interact from discord, a browser, a smartphone …“.

For the moment, in addition to the players participating in the open alpha, this game from the Darewise studio affects about 40,000 people who are connected to their Discord servers.

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