Renault: For a “life with passion” in the metaverse!

Tue 06 Sep 2022 ▪ 19:00 ▪
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Bloomberg estimates the metaverse market will be worth $ 800 billion within two years. At the moment, the list of companies rushing to this virtual reality continues to grow. And it won’t stop until all economic actors accept it. Recently, Renault announced a plan to conquer the metaverse with a view to presenting ” virtual car experiences to its customers. Overview!

Renault, supported by The Sandbox for …

Aware of the stakes represented by the metaverse, carmaker Renault has developed a plan to settle there. He then invited The Sandbox to support him in this initiative.

This virtual world immersion project will ensure Renault customers have access to virtual automotive experiences in the near future. It also provides for the expansion of the potential buyer base for the products offered by this company created by Marcel, Fernand and Louis Renault in 1898.

This collaboration between Renault and The Sandbox is highly regarded by Cindy Lee.

This partnership is an excellent example of collaboration. The Sandbox can grow without industrial boundaries. We are able to introduce new types of experiences that combine cars and digital assets in The Sandbox “, Commented the CEO of The Sandbox Korea.

Sure, Renault isn’t the first automaker to land in the metaverse, but it has to be in the top 10 to do so.

In fact, the virtual world already lists some of the major automotive groups like Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, Audi, Toyota, and McLaren.

We remind you that Volkswagen has prepared an advertising campaign called ” Game start “Last April. It consisted of hunting NFTs in a metaverse-like environment.

Japanese manufacturer Nissan also used similar technology to launch its Sakura electric car. An opportunity for its customers to know much more about this novelty and to test it.

For Hyundai, its fans have recently been treated to future mobility experiences, embarking on a virtual world signed by Zepeto.

Audi also followed in the footsteps of its peers by integrating a system of ” VR in the car of Holride in his machines. Through this device, passengers can connect to a virtual world that will be synchronized with the movement of the car.

In view of these projects, we will agree that the metaverse is not limited to recreational activities for idle people. Some people, in fact, bring this type of argument to discredit the actors engaged in projects of creation of virtual worlds. If Renault and the other car manufacturers have decided to take the plunge, other companies from various sectors will soon be joining it.

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