Metaverse tokens that could make 10 times before the end of the year: Decentraland, Enjin Coin and MetaCryp

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are paving the way for new ways to escape the rat race and enter a safe and drama-free environment. Now that we have this advanced technology, we can all get out of the cold and the sun, explore a fantasy world, communicate with people from all over the world, and even play games.

Through the metaverse, you can create a unique environment, with all the bells and whistles, meet new people and have fun playing without ever having to leave the house.

We have compiled a list of the best gaming tokens available for purchase in this article so that you can experience the unlimited reign of the Metaverse: The Sandbox (SAND), Enjin Coin (ENJ), and the new Crypto MetaCryp (MTCR).

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Explore the metaverse with The Sandbox (SAND)

When it comes to online gaming, The Sandbox (SAND) is a blockchain-based utopia. Land is digital property that can be created, bought and sold by anyone with access to the network. The project combines a programmable environment with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry, to provide players with a richer and more interactive gaming experience.

Sandbox addresses two main problems in the gaming industry: frozen funds and a lack of transparency. There are several paths in the Sandbox for players to withdraw their funds and use them in other games or in the real world. In the sandbox, users can use a basic Ethereum blockchain explorer to confirm the authenticity, history and capabilities of any item.

Players can generate passive cash by collecting land access fees from other players. As players acquire more land or upgrade their existing properties, their rewards increase as well.

Have fun with Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a digital asset used to support the value of blockchain assets developed on the Enjin online game creation platform. This digital asset is based on the ERC-20 standard.

This open source platform was designed specifically for online gamers and the gaming community. It allows virtual ownership of items and exchange between players and community members, all made possible through smart wallets.

While ENJ was first developed on the Ethereum blockchain, the company has just completed a funding round that raised over $ 19 million and will use the money to build a Polkadot-based NFT blockchain.

The DeFi world has a new GameFi token: MetaCryp (MTCR)

Through their new network, MetaCryp (MTCR) offers people around the world an environment that feels like a home away from home. MetaCryp Network is the first GameFi space in the world. It’s a community-driven ecosystem that offers its users a place to call home, where they can indulge in intense entertainment and let their wildest imaginations run wild.

MetaCryp is developing a new space to advance the direction DeFi and the metaverse are heading. This new space is built on the Binance Smart Chain. They focus on developing compatible products in high-end gaming systems, DeFi and NFT software programs. The goal of the MetaCryp network is to achieve a leading position among those capable of producing a safe and enjoyable environment for all its users. These users will be able to take advantage of the modernized tools of blockchain technology, the Metaverse, Play2Earn games, advanced DeFi platforms, socialization and everything related to the Metaverse in terms of games, events and collectibles.

Additionally, playing on the “Play-to-Earn” ecosystem allows users to earn $ MTCR tokens without leaving the comfort of their homes. This ensures that they will have the opportunity to earn money using the $ MTCR token, game assets or NFTs.

There are 500,000,000 MTCR tokens available in circulation. On your first purchase, you can receive a 32% bonus. You will also receive 10% cashback when you buy MTCR tokens with Ethereum and 8% and 13% cashback when you buy with BTC and BNB respectively.

To learn more about MetaCryp Token (MTCR), visit the links below:


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