How to make NFT accessible to as many people as possible, for free

This is a trend that is taking hold on NFT platforms, allowing you to have a first NFT by completely eliminating the obstacles to first ownership of an NFT.

The concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is becoming increasingly popular with companies around the world even as NFT trading volumes have fallen 97% since January, according to the recent Bloomberg report. With the help of the blockchain, NFTs allow you to take digital ownership to the next level. It is a different form of investing than other cryptocurrency investments. But how to make NFTs accessible to as many people as possible?

2 trends that are starting to show:

Users do not have to prepare virtual currency to receive an NFT. Most wallets such as MetaMask have so far been an obstacle in opening it to a mass market, the user experience is progressing, but there is still a long way to go, even on mobile. Some platforms are therefore starting to offer alternatives, even with their own credit card.

Another trend of offering free NFTs, many new platforms and businesses have giveaway campaigns that can help you earn free NFTs. Twitter has announced that it is giving away free NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as part of its “giveaway” campaign. The Showtime platform which is a web3 social network on iOS, Android and the web. Showtime’s flagship feature is “Free NFTs,” the easiest way for a creator to post a free NFT to their community. Even creators only earn if fans earn: thanks to EIP-2981, secondary sales on OpenSea and all NFT marketplaces supported by Polygon will earn royalties for their creators.

The logic of free NFTs is simple: most people are currently out of NFTs due to market instability, so it’s important to launch web3 travel in a way that doesn’t involve money.


In fact, there may be some scenarios where free NFTs are a smart marketing move.

Platforms like OpenSea, one of the most popular Ethereum blockchain sites for buying and selling NFTs, have decided to open for free. At the beginning of 2022 it had over one million active users and over 80 million NFTs to browse. A few months ago they decided to be able to mint NFTs without gas commissions … There have been many success stories with creators offering NFT. LarvaLabs released 10,000 CryptoPunk for free in 2017 and now those Punks are worth millions!

Another example is computer games that use free NFTs to entice players to join the game. Alien World, for example, is known to give you two free NFTs when you sign up to play. There are ways to earn NFTs by playing and collecting tokens. These games will also use free NFTs as an incentive to interact with the outside world in specific ways to promote the game to other potential players.

Up-and-coming artists who don’t yet have an established following on social media and want to advertise their work, perhaps a way to capture a community more easily. Giveaways on Discord are also quite common in the world of NFT projects and can be a great way to get free NFTs. Most of these giveaways happen on the Discord servers of various NFT projects.

On another scale, the metaverse-centric blockchain Klaytn is paving the way for wider adoption of Web3, removing barriers and covering external costs (gas fees). Gaming companies will pay gas expenses through Klaytn’s gas charge delegation function and gas expenses incurred by contracts or accounts owned by outside gaming companies! Klaytn aims to create a vibrant gaming ecosystem that allows players to truly own their gaming assets. Through this Gaz commission discount program, it hopes to offer more players the opportunity to explore Web3 games. It should be noted that a report from points out that the GameFi market remains relatively small, with just over a million players and a transaction volume of $ 1 billion. But some analysts believe the number is expected to increase 50 times by 2025.

All in all, free NFTs have their place on the blockchain, just like any other NFT.

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