$ 137,000 BAYC NFT won in Incredible Web3 Contest on MetaWin

LONDON, October 11, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – SUPER, the lucky Web3 user, won the fantastic NFT BAYC # 7159 award, valued at $ 137,000, all thanks to the innovative technology company MetaWin.

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BAYC # 7159 (Graphics: Business Wire)

The BAYC, the value of which allows the purchase of a luxury car or a home, is the largest prize ever awarded on MetaWin’s competition platform, MetaWin.com. Originally awarded on October 30, the date has been moved forward to October 10 following the wave of applications.

One of the rarest items in this 10,000-piece collection, BAYC # 7159 has many enviable features. The blue fur non-fungible token (NFT) is dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt, wears silver stud earrings and a mohawk haircut, and has 3D eyes – just to name a few of the less than 10% common characteristics of the collection.

The final moments of the competition were broadcast live on MetaWin’s Instagram channel. The winner was chosen entirely at random, with MetaWin’s smart contract technology selecting the lucky Web3 user via Chainlink, the “on-chain” Random Number Generator (RNG) solution.

MetaWin acquired NFT last March and its price has increased significantly on OpenSea since its inception. While it was worth just 0.63 ETH in May 2021, its value has now reached an impressive 101 ETH.

As part of the BAYC # 7159 giveaway, MetaWin has officially awarded 400 ETH in prizes to lucky participants from all over the world. More than 500 competitions have been won, the platform now has more than 10,000 connected users, for more than 100,000 applications submitted.

MetaWin.com offers anyone the opportunity to start “winning metaverse prizes”. By linking their free MetaMask wallet to the platform, anyone can browse contests involving numerous NFTs from major collections such as Moonbirds, BAYC, and Genuine Undead.

About MetaWin

MetaWin is an entrepreneurial technology company, focused on the Web3, born from the belief that smart contract technology is ready for mass adoption and will be an important part of our daily life in the future.

His goal is to combine his business knowledge and skills in digital advertising with the concepts of smart contracts and blockchain technology. MetaWin focuses on creating exciting products that provide real utility to end users.

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