Japan sees the future in NFT and metaverse

A future 3.0 – Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirms the government’s position in favor of web3. It specifically supports powered by projects non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverses.

He is leading the charge in favor of web3. On October 3, during his general policy speech to the National Diet, which is the Japanese Parliament, the Prime Minister, Fumio Kishidaannounced that his government planned to increase investments in web services 3and in particular in those relating to NFT it’s at metaverse.

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Since 2021, when he took office as head of government, Fumio Kishida has considered the web3 as one of the pillars to breathe new life into the Japanese economy. His recent speech before the National Diet thus confirms the willingness of his administration to write thefuture of the country using digital technologiesand via web3 player support.

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Web3: Government initiatives are growing

In April this year, the Japanese Prime Minister’s Liberal Party issued a ” NFT white paper “The document underlines the importance of the country’s wealth in terms of intellectual property, and more particularly in the fields of animation and games.

The white paper presents Japan’s strategy for the web3. It also contains the recommendations of the Liberal Party to protect users and to implement a national strategy for the sector.

Three months later, in July, the departments related to web3 have been integrated into the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce. This integration took place following the launch of Web3’s Policy Advocacy Office. It is an initiative of the Fumio Kishida administration and the ministry.

The following month, in September, the Japanese government NFTs issued for reward the work of local authorities who use digital technology to address the challenges in their respective jurisdictions. The Prime Minister had participated in the award ceremony of seven mayors, during the ceremony ” Digi Denkoshien summer 2022 “.

Thanks to its dynamism in the field of entertainment, coupled with the support of its government, Japan would therefore be well on its way to becoming a fertile ground to the emergence and growth of various projects on the web3 and in metaverses. Initiatives, such as those of the University of Tokyo which offers distance learning in and on the metaversesit should therefore multiply in the country.

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