Unexpected progress for the winemaker Château Pape Clément! He launches into the world of NFTs

Château Pape Clément winery celebrates its 770th harvest. It is a great event for Bernard Magrez’s house. This event marked with a white stone is celebrated in an innovative way. They won’t be classic this time; it will be about mixing the old with the new without affecting the taste of the wine!

The party is a must for Bernard Magrez knowing that the castle is fast approaching its 800 years of production. The innovation should in fact be highlighted if we look at the long years of production of the castle. It was up to Bernard Magrez to decide the entry of Château Pape Clément into the web3.

Lovers of this Bordeaux wine can now see theirs Great Crus web favorites 3. To do this, they will need to speak NFT and obtain a membership card; participation in this event appears to be selective.

NFT’s Pape Clément Castle

Bernard Magrez launches on the web3 and creates NFT for Château Pape Clément. It is a sort of membership card to be purchased on the web3 to access various events organized by Bernard Magrez. 1252 NFTs will be available for the event. The price of the NFT is 310 EUR; at this price, don’t worry, the offers are interesting.

Lovers of serious Grand Cru Classé can purchase their NFT Château Pape Clément from 10 November. Those who want to closely follow the event before the stampede can now register for the preview. The meeting will take place on November 8th. Several new pieces will be available during this preview sale.

Regarding the storage of NFT card, Bernard Magrez and Château Pape Clément join forces with Wallet Arianee. You can store and use your membership card via the Wallet.

The advantages of the Château Pape Clément card

Holders of the Château Pape Clément NFT card have three main advantages. Since it is an event that takes place partly on web3, the owners of NFT Château Pape Clément receive a wine-themed digital painting by Pierre Blaise Dionnet. These works are carefully preserved pending the revival of the NFT arts.

So, with the NFT card, access to the main Bernard Margez events is guaranteed. Members will have free access to the various holidays that the house will organize in the future. They also have access to the primeurs of the castle; a privilege to be seized for lovers of great vintages.

Of course, with the NFT card of the Château Pape Clément winery, a vintage is offered. This NFT entitles you to a real bottle of Château Pape Clément from 2016. The number of NFTs is limited, as is the number of these unreleased bottles.

Bernard Margez’s initiative shows us the power of web3 marketing. This event is an example to consider for the food industry in general; it’s time to integrate the web3.


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