actor Anthony Hopkins launches his The Eternal collection

Double actor Oscar Anthony Hopkins launches the NFT “The Eternal” collection this Thursday, in collaboration with Orange Comet. The giant of cinema thus joins the list of artists conquered by Web3 technologies.

Anthony Hopkins at the center of an NFT collection

The legend of cinema Anthony Hopkins exhibited publicly for a few months its attraction to non-fungible tokens (NFT) on Twitter. Now dive a little deeper into this universe with the “The Eternal” collection, created by the Web3 Orange Comet studio:

Announced since last August, it is this Thursday at 21:00 Paris time that investors who have won their place on the “allowed list” will be able to coin the 1,000 NFTs in this collection. The latter will include 10 unique animated copies and 990 other unique images.

Also the 84-year-old actor painter since 2005, qualifies non-fungible tokens as a “new web”. It was during the film Zero Contact, released in NFT and shot remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, that he was able to learn about blockchain technologies.

This collection is based on the theme archetypes of the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. An archetype is a psychological notion that should define our way of thinking.

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The advantages offered by the collection

Among the advantages provided by this collection, we find in particular a Zoom interview with Anthony Hopkins, individually or in groups according to the NFT. There is also an autographed art book, containing hundreds of the artist’s paintings and drawings. These advantages being limited, will therefore depend on luck, as well as on the type of non-fungible token acquired.

Plus, 100 randomly selected buyers will receive an additional custom NFT, with a message from Anthony Hopkins. The lucky ones can purchase up to three copies of the collection and the mint price is set at 0.25 ETH.

Other artists before the actor were conquered by these technologies, let’s think for example of Snoop Dogg and Eminen who are probably the most eloquent examples. This dynamic clearly shows the paradigm shift which is being activated. More than just images, NFTs are an additional tool available to artists for interact with your community.

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