Var real estate soon in trouble?

At the Palais du commerce et de la mer, Pierre-Alexandre Pernot had little good news to announce: ” It’s a mixed record. Old buildings and real estate are doing well in 2022. It is much more difficult for new housing and council houses, whose outlook is much bleaker. These are concerns strong enough to highlight for 2023 », Explains the president of the Var territorial delegation of the OIP.

While 29,343 properties were sold in one year, with an increase of 9.5%, prices also increased by more than 8% for apartments and 9.4% for houses, while inflation reached the 5.6% in France. In the Var, only 6% of homes are vacant, causing market tensions. ” Small owners who will have to undertake large energy works could sell and will be bought by companies that will exempt these works from the tax. “Predicts Jean-Luc Lieutaud, president of the Union of real estate unions in the region.

But on the social housing side, the situation is even more alarming. As of December 31, 2021, of the 33,718 social housing applications submitted, only 4,533 were successful. At this rate, it would take more than seven years to meet 2021 demand alone, well above the national five-year average. ” If we reach 75% of 2 400 new social housing planned, it will already be good warns Pierre-Alexandre Pernot.

Review the model


For the presentation of this report, the OIP had invited Xavier Lépine to present the possible financing of the ecological transition in the real estate sector. Real Estate and Land Savings Institute President and Senior Advisor Banque Rothschild provided an unflattering historical picture for the first time: ” In France we faced the emergency but not the priority. The short and long term issues have often been confused. We created a situation for 40 years, where France has done less well than its neighbors. Prices were multiplied by ten during this period, while the cart was multiplied by 3.5 and wages by 5.

Xavier Lépine questions the financing system that ” it did not experience any revolution “. Just like the construction that did not carry out its” Industrial Revolution “.” You know exactly the price of your smartphone ? No, because the price is included in the subscription. For real estate we have a contribution, we borrow and pay every month. This model needs to be changed “, He says while acknowledging that the banks are not ready for this development.

However, the National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM) offers them two solutions: the development of bank products aimed at co-ownership with state guarantee on the restructuring loans and the creation of a restructuring savings product to favor the works at the time of purchase. But ” our proposals were not included in the finance law “, Explains David Garavagno, president of FNAIM 83.

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