Here’s how to protect your investments

Since the advent of bitcoin (BTC), the cryptocurrency market has continued to expand. Countless people invest in this market every day. As the cryptocurrency market evolves, hackers are finding ways to wreak havoc. Today, investors need to personally take care of protecting their digital assets. Here are the steps they can take to protect their funds.

Make sure you are using a secure internet connection

To reduce the risk of hacking, a secure Internet connection should be used. To do this, it is recommended to avoid public WiFi. You must have a firewall and antivirus software on the device before connecting to a cryptographic platform. The user must necessarily replace the default password of their router with a highly secure password. You should also think about installing a virtual private network (VPN) on your device.

Strengthen your passwords

Hackers use very sophisticated programs to crack the passwords of their future victims. Don’t make their life easier by using simple or common phrases as passwords. Long, complicated words should be preferred, making sure to vary them from one crypto platform to another.

Some tips to never get hacked.

Learn before entering the cryptocurrency industry

It is essential to have a good understanding of the cryptocurrency industry before investing in it. To do this, you need to do extensive research on every crypto project you want to invest in. You should avoid investing simply on the advice of a relative or celebrity.

Invest in known and trusted exchanges

There are thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, but not all of them are reliable. It is best to bet on the best known and safest platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini,, etc.

Use multiple cold or hardware crypto wallets

It is advisable to keep the coins in different wallets. It is necessary to favor cold wallets or more secure hardware, in particular because they are not accessible online.

Today, cryptocurrency investors can protect their holdings by remaining vigilant and cautious. They should also avoid investing money they cannot afford to lose.

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