Metaverse Vice President Sharma will lead Stripe’s revenue

A vice president of Meta’s virtual reality (VR) social platform Worlds of the horizon now it’s over at Blindfolded work with a new product team.

Vivek Sharma started this week as Stripe’s new head of revenue and finance management and is working with a new team on product development aimed at helping companies manage, track and analyze their revenue, according to his LinkedIn. To publish Friday (October 14).

“Over the past decade there has been tremendous creativity in online business models. Retailers are becoming markets and platforms, markets are becoming retailers, fintechs and the creator economy is everywhere, “Sharma said.

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“But the financial systems haven’t kept up. Businesses are still constrained by fundamentals: How do we charge our users and / or do we support new billing models? How do you keep track of all the financial assets and obligations that lie in the cloud? And how do we do it compliantly in markets around the world? “

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Sharma resigned in August, replaced by Vishal Shah, PYMNTS reported at the time. Sharma was part of a team that developed the virtual experience within the Metaverse accessible to users via Meta’s VR devices.

Its release followed criticism of Horizon Worlds’ graphics quality after CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an avatar into the world of himself that had no legs and was called dated in its looks and character.

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At Stripe, Sharma is moving away from the problems of the metaverse and instead takes control of the revenue and financial management of the normal activities of the universe.

“We are helping companies make more money in several ways, critical in the current crisis, and by greatly simplifying accounting, taxes and analytics so that they can manage that revenue with much less effort,” said Sharma.

“Stripe powers millions of businesses. … Doing this right could be a great engine of economic opportunity for companies around the world, ”she added.

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