Apple reacts against Meta in the Metaverse Headphone War

Today, in the connected economy, Apple plans to launch a mixed reality headset that rivals Meta, in addition to the merger of Kroger and Albertsons.

Report: Apple’s mixed reality headset may include iris scan

Apple could launch a mixed reality headset with an iris scanner for payments and access as early as next year, as part of the company’s battle with Meta for metaverse dominance. This biometric feature would give users quick access to their accounts and would allow multiple people to wear the same headset to easily switch between accounts.

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The Kroger-Albertsons merger creates a take-back and delivery power plant

America’s two largest grocery stores – Kroger and Albertsons – are merging, creating a super grocer with nearly 5,000 stores. In addition to strengthening Kroger’s brick-and-mortar network, the deal also adds Albertsons’ omnichannel capabilities – its fill offerings and 31 million-member Just for U loyalty program – to Kroger’s competitive advantages.

Fed Governor: CBDC not crucial to dollar supremacy

The advent of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the United States is likely not that essential to ensuring dollar supremacy, Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller said. Waller made the remarks during a speech to the Harvard National Security Journal, saying that a US-backed digital dollar would bring no material benefit over dollar-denominated payments. He added that this is especially true because launching a CBDC would create new risks, such as cybersecurity threats.

B2B e-commerce company pappall launches independent cross-border payments

B2B e-commerce company pappall has updated their services to allow businesses to send cross-border payments to freelancers. The updated platform will accept international payments from all major debit and credit cards, as well as crypto payments.

How 28 payments experts weathered the headwinds of the third quarter

The third quarter of this year found many businesses nervous due to continued inflation and the threat of recession, with major retailers like Amazon doubling down on annual sales events as consumers cut their spending. Seeking insight from some of the sharpest minds in payments, retail and tech, PYMNTS interviewed 28 thought leaders about their focus ahead of what could be the most crucial holiday sales season in 14 years, not counting the years of the pandemic, and he found them prepared.

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