“MaPrimeRénov ‘”: the Defender of Rights makes recommendations in the face of malfunctions with serious consequences for users

Inability to create an account or file, to submit supporting documents online, to modify the elements of the file and finally to start the work … such are the difficulties of accessing the “MaPrimeRénov ‘” service, which can lead to most users precarious to find themselves in an even more difficult situation. The Defender of Rights therefore decided to publish a decision with general recommendations to the National Housing Agency (Anah).

In order to encourage, in a context of ecological transition, families to carry out energy renovation works in their homes, “MaPrimeRénov ‘” was established in 2020. Since then, the Defender of Rights has been seized of nearly 500 complaints relating to the difficulties encountered by applicants for help in enforcing their rights and has found numerous pitfalls in handling applications.

Dysfunctions that cause insurmountable difficulties to the most precarious people

“MaPrimeRénov ‘” was first established in 2020 for the poorest families. However, despite all the interest of such a device, it is these same families who still suffer from malfunctions in the service, lack of interlocutors and lack of information.

Some users, for example, have started their renovations after receiving the acknowledgment of receipt authorizing the start of the works and are still waiting, from 2020, for the help they can ask for due to the technical impossibility of finalizing their requests. , in particular by uploading their invoices to their space.

These blockages for a large number of files make candidates precarious economically more fragile. Faced with the need for winter heating, and pending the payment of the “MaPrimeRénov ‘”, which can reach several thousand euros, some families have been forced to take out bank or family loans to finance the work and pay the craftsmen.

The perverse effects of everything dematerialized

Requests for aid under the “MaPrimeRénov ‘” scheme must be submitted electronically, using a form completed online on the dedicated platform. The Defender of Rights has alerted Anah to the consequences of the total dematerialization of the procedure which leads to depriving some potential beneficiaries of aid.

While the Delegate Minister for Cities and Construction recently announced the establishment of a new aid system, based on that of “MaPrimeRénov ‘”, the Defender of Rights recalls that the completion of dematerialized administrative procedures must remain an open possibility. to the user and not become an obligation. The user must be able to choose the most appropriate communication method for his situation when communicating with the administration.


Consequently, to the extent that the “MaPrimeRénov ‘” platform has suffered serious recurring technical malfunctions since its implementation, the Defender of Rights believes that it is now up to Anah to remedy them. He then sends him the recommendations following:

  • put in place measures to definitively resolve the technical difficulties facing its platform for the submission of aid application files;
  • Reduce processing time for troubled files;
  • Improve user information, in particular through the establishment of qualified interlocutors dedicated to guaranteeing a better follow-up to files and complaints and the communication in decisions of the elements of analysis that can justify them;
  • Get in touch with its supervisory ministries in order to establish a channel for the submission of applications in addition to the dematerialization procedure;
  • Regularize all requests for assistance that have not been successful due to difficulties attributable to the implementation of the system, such as technical malfunctions found on the platform, processing times of the cases or lack of support account of reminders.

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