“We give RENT an international trajectory”, Stéphane Scarella, director of the show RENT

On 8 and 9 November, the RENT exhibition will return to its neighborhoods in Paris, for a tenth edition which expects to welcome 12,000 visitors.

JDA: Two years ago, RENT became a label. What changes?

Stephane Scarella: Our mission is to provide content to our community of real estate professionals, via newsletters, barometers, workshops, no longer once a year, but throughout the year, online or physically. Also, now that RENT is a label, we can give it an international trajectory. In Madrid, we brought the PropTech brick to SIMAPRO, the largest event dedicated to the real estate sector in Spain. We have organized conferences there and invited start-ups, producers, investment funds, etc. As professionals in Spain are digitizing their practices more and more, the feedback from exhibitors has been good: the number of leads and attendance, with nearly 6,000 professionals in attendance, has been very satisfying.

JDA: After Switzerland and Spain, are you planning to duplicate the show in other countries?

SS: Yes, and always with the same strategy: supporting, humbly, the best local events and bringing the PropTech paint that inspires real estate players. Because we are not professionals of “local” events. We have neither the proximity nor the marketing levers to bring 7,000 real estate professionals abroad. In the next few years we would like to double the show in Portugal, Germany and England, where the momentum is strong. Morocco is also a country that asks a lot of us. In the coming years, the African continent is certainly the one that will explode the most, in demographic terms. In terms of new technologies, the market is becoming increasingly structured and the real estate sector will necessarily have its part.

“We would like to duplicate the show in Portugal, Germany and England,
where the momentum is strong. ”

JDA: How will the November edition go?

SS: We want to browse the excellent October 2021 edition which brought together 10,500 visitors in Paris. Our goal is obviously to do better, that is to bring together 12,000 professionals, and to rediscover this energy and this positivity that have characterized the 2021 edition. However, we do not choose to extend at all costs: the RENT is not a competition for the number of exhibitors, but a lead generator. We will therefore stay in Pavilion 6 of the Parc des Expositions. We haven’t had a single m2 to offer for several weeks now. We will welcome around 400 exhibitors positioned in the old and new real estate, construction, tertiary markets… This year will finally mark the return of international exhibitors and visitors.

JDA: What topics will be covered?

SS: One of our goals is to restore an international connotation to the content because this is the trajectory of the RENT label. Furthermore, we will organize a conference during which different perspectives on European PropTech will be discussed (Spanish, German, Italian, etc.). We would also like to project real estate professionals into 2030. We already know that the metaverse, blockchain, tokenization, data, the environment are all trends and issues that should impact real estate professions, our buying and selling behaviors. … Our challenge is to inspire professionals on these topics as much as possible and, more generally, who have a relevant, different or even exciting visiting experience on the RENTAL!

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