Blockchain: “Allowing companies to maintain the sovereignty of their data”

Privacy, trust and data governance. This is the promise offered by iExec, a pioneer of the blockchain, which guarantees companies to define precise rules on the use of data. Explanations with Francis Otshudi, Business Market Director at iExec.

How could you introduce iExec?

Deeptech which has its source in the research work on distributed computing carried out by its two founders (Gilles Fedak and Haiwu He), iExec is a French pioneer in the field of blockchain. What we offer is a solution for sharing and processing confidential or sensitive data, between multiple stakeholders, while ensuring that companies maintain full privacy and governance over their data. For this we rely on the blockchain, as well as on confidential computing, which represent technologies particularly suitable for responding to problems related to the exploitation of data. We also put our experience in blockchain at the service of companies, offering advice and support, from the reflection phase to deployment.

What are the strengths of your company?

Today much of the data that is generated cannot be exploited, in particular because the regulations on the protection of this data are very restrictive. By combining blockchain with software and hardware encryption technologies, and in particular with confidential computing, what we offer companies is the guarantee that the confidentiality and governance of their data are respected, not by contracts, but by technology. Therefore, a CHU can make its data available to train an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model without ever losing ownership of its data, nor disclosing it. What is shared are only the results of the requested treatment. Our vision is to enable companies to maintain their sovereignty with full control and accountability of their digital assets, while building an unchanging relationship of trust through technology.

How does blockchain help address the challenges of governance and data privacy?

Our desire is to defend the digital sovereignty of individuals and businesses, a paradigm particularly in line with the developments brought about by the Web3. Therefore, we have developed our blockchain solution to allow everyone to define the rules according to which they are ready to exchange and share their data, but also other resources such as applications or computing power. Let’s take the example of a person who wishes to subscribe to a weekly newsletter, but does not want his or her email address to be used for any purpose other than that, nor disclosed to anyone. Not only do we ensure that this postulate is achieved thanks to the blockchain, but we also provide proof that this rule is well respected.

Explore the iExec Trust Framework for Data Governance and Privacy

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