GAMA brings crew members to his space-themed Metaverse

Los Angeles, September 19 – GAMA has launched its metaverse, the GAMA Space Station (GSS). The project, which focuses on interoperability, opens its doors to other communities in the blockchain and web3 ecosystem. This initiative has already started with the recent announcement of CloneX community members displaying their NFT characters within the GSS.

We are not alone in the universe

GAMA is the Web3 project behind the GSS metaverse. The project aims to provide an immersive virtual experience. As such, the GSS plans to feature innovative game mechanics and an engaging social ecosystem, which combine to create a realistic experience aimed at setting the standard for metaverse projects.

This is achieved with Unreal Engine 5. This game engine allows GAMA to integrate high-end graphics and quality sound, lighting and animation into the experience. This is in line with its goal of bringing “innovative game mechanics that blend the digital world with reality”.

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GAMA is not the only Web3 project. The blockchain ecosystem is full of platforms doing their thing. Each seeks to create a dedicated community and provide members with unique experiences. And while this has its advantages, it would be great if these platforms collaborated regularly to create new experiences for users.

With this in mind, GAMA places special emphasis on interoperability in their metaverse. The goal is for people from other communities to experience the engaging entertainment experiences of the project.

“We are not alone. Interoperability is a key factor in the metaverse. We know we are not alone in the universe and welcome more communities to join our mission aboard the GSS.

The first beneficiary of this initiative is the CloneX NFT community. Thanks to this collaboration, CloneX NFT owners can see their characters in the GAMA metaverse and will soon be able to freely experience the metaverse with their animated characters.

Recently, a CloneX owner even incorporated an image of his GSS CloneX as an album cover.

Merge worlds

Although GAMA focuses on providing an amazing metaverse experience, the project has also realized the value of physical and real-world offerings. Therefore, it strives to include a unique user experience across GAMA Studios through graphic storytelling formats represented by both digital and physical collectibles.

GAMA NFTs allow cardholders to access real-world events where they can interact with each other in person. This deepens the sense of community and belonging in the GAMA metaverse.

About GAMA

GAMA is a Web3 platform that builds a new form of entertainment through its metaverse. In addition to offering a unique experience to its community, GAMA applies a universal standard by offering the experience to other NFT communities as well.

GAMA NFTs are at the heart of his GSS Metaverse narrative, each representing a crew member traveling through space to harness alternative forms of energy. GAMA recently unveiled its first playable game, Dark Horizon, which will be the first expansion for its metaverse.


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