How does Rosaly work, this application that facilitates prepayment?

Created two years ago, the start-up Rosaly allows employees to receive part of the salary already accrued in real time, to meet their urgent financial needs.

Although it is a legal obligation for the employer, paying an advance on salary to an employee remains very complex to set up in a company. The closure of administrative procedures often occurs once the need for an agent is exhausted! Launched two years ago, the Rosaly app aims to put an end to this paradox by allowing employees to receive part of their salary in real time based on their current needs.

“Allowing employees to collect their earned money by the end of the month is an obligation for employers, remembers the founder Arbia Smiti. Once a company has signed up with us, all it has to do is make Rosaly available to each of its employees. “

Therefore, when one of them logs into the application, he has access to an indicator that informs him of the amount he has earned since the beginning of the month and the amount he can collect now. . Once his request is made, he receives the money directly into his bank account, without having to wait for the full payment of his pay at the end of the month.

Deposit and salary advance: what are the differences?

The two concepts should not be confused: the down payment concerns the sums already earned by the employee with their work. Giving a favorable response to your request is a legal obligation for the employer, even if it is an administrative headache.

For its part, the salary advance corresponds to the loan of a partial or total part of the employee of the company to the employee. The payment of part of the salary not yet worked depends on the will of the employer. Very few companies practice this system.

Thanks to its algorithms and its connection to almost all payroll software, the start-up calculates this amount by itself. “We give a net value in real time, which takes into account overtime, absences, deductions from salaries. No company is able to do that.”

No technical intervention is necessary either for the employee or for the company, which simply sees a special line appear for the sums withheld from the payslips that it publishes at the end of the month. This allows employers to know what balance they have to pay to the employee, blocking Rosaly from measuring her installments at half of the total salary.

Free the employee from debt

The sums paid to the employee are paid by Rosaly herself, who adheres to this “bank loans, thanks to the partnerships we have signed”. The start-up thus allows an instant service, which allows you to request a deposit on your salary much more often.

“Thanks to our deposit system we open access to these small sums, to prevent people from taking out consumer loans, which charge prohibitive costsobserves Arbia Smiti. The amount of the advances requested is generally low, from less than 100 euros to 200 euros: their goal is to finance shopping at the supermarket, to get gasoline … “

This allows Rosaly to have great success in the “blue-collar” sectors, such as catering, hotels, retail, personal services … temporary, health in particular. Billed to the employer 3 euros per month and per employee, Rosaly is convenient for companies whose employees benefit from few benefits. Unlike “clerical” executives, who often represent only less than 10% of the facility’s workforce.

In addition to service, the start-up underlines its mission to find an answer, with technology and people, to the problem of “getting people out of debt”. “This is a goal that we set ourselves when the company was created.says the founder. It is essential for us to find a solution to this, even if of course we want the general salary to increase. “

To do this, Rosaly offers numerous anti-debt services in its application: anti-overdraft shield, connection with social workers in case of over-indebtedness, local and national aid, etc. A European service aimed at 10 million employees, Rosaly wants to become a financial education “super-app”.

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