In the heart of Paris, 400 square meters entirely dedicated to NFTs

Sent on October 18, 2022, 6:02 pm

Located in the heart of the Beaubourg district of Paris, opposite the Center Pompidou, a one-of-a-kind venue, the NFT Factory, opened its doors on Tuesday. This place, arranged on three floors and 400 square meters, aims to carry out educational activities for the general public, but also to help structure the sector.

“The NFT Factory was born from the need to bring together the key actors and actresses of NFT, in art but also in gaming, luxury, finance and the metaverse”, underlines Lucie-Eleonore Riveron, general manager of the venue; she is also co-founder of Fauve Paris.

Educating the general public

On the ground floor, the inaugural exhibition brings together about fifty digital works belonging to different movements, “pixel art, 3D, profile picture, crypto-art …”, lists Benoît Couty, one of the 128 co-founders of this place, and who, in the past, created the “Museum of Crypto Art” and is considered one of the major French collectors. “The advantage of the screens is that we can change collections every week,” he points out.

From November, workshops and training will be offered to the general public to raise awareness of the grammar of Web3: creating a digital wallet (“wallet”), using NFT platforms and even creating a digital work. The initiation sessions will be 59 euros while the 1h30 training will be billed at 299 euros. On the menu there is also a more advanced offer for companies, which would be very demanding.

An incubator soon

On the second floor, a space for members (the 1,000 who bought an NFT in the name of the Fabbrica), will soon offer a meeting place to “talk about art, regulations, technology, entrepreneurship and cryptocurrencies”, predicts John Karp, the president. of the structure. In the long run, he doesn’t rule out NFT Factory incubating Web3 start-ups. This three-step model (public, coworking and incubation) is reminiscent of the old model of the Numa accelerator in Paris.

If art is featured on screens – which stay on all day, which will raise the question of energetic sobriety -, the NFT Factory is still open to all forms of tokens. “Art is what speaks the most, that’s why we proposed it”, emphasizes John Karp. Collectible cards such as Sorare, loyalty coupons, etc. are also accepted.

A French ambition

While the emergence of such a place may seem out of place in a cryptographic environment in crisis and as NFT volumes plummeted this year, it is actually indicative of the ecosystem structure. The buzz and scams would give way to long-term projects.

An indicator of the seriousness of the approach is perhaps the presence, this morning at the NFT Factory, of the Minister Delegate for Digital Transition. Jean-Noël Barrot did not fake his volunteer work, echoing the words of Bruno Le Maire the day before at BFM: “With the global players of culture, video games and the luxury industry, France has the resources to become a European and global NFT platform. We must accompany this movement with the support of public money. ”

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