Maple Finance Launches $ 300 Million Loan Fund for Bitcoin Miners, Is the Oryen Network the Best Option?

Maple Finance has announced that it will offer loans to Bitcoin miners looking to stay afloat in this bear market.

Cryptocurrency mining costs have skyrocketed as energy prices continue to rise. Furthermore, the value of the Bitcoin itself is about 60% lower than at the beginning of the year, which means that some mining companies are currently operating at a loss.

Those willing to wait for the downtrend will need a capital injection, and Maple Finance has stepped up to provide it. Providing a temporary respite from the downward trend will be expensive however, with interest rates of up to 20% offered by the lender.

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Sidney Powell, co-founder and CEO said:

Cryptocurrency companies don’t find it easy to borrow using traditional banking methods, as sometimes these institutions don’t look kindly on cryptocurrency-based companies.

Some see this as a clever game on the part of the Maple Finance team, which will try to generate several million dollars from the scheme.

However, questions are starting to arise about the potential sustainability of Bitcoin mining in the long term. With high expenses, low yields, and ever-increasing operational difficulties, there may be better options.

Orien Network it could very well be one of these solutions. With a fixed rate of return at an astounding 90% APY that is delivered directly to the holding portfolio address, investors can secure their profits over the long term, eliminating worries about “growing pains” or fluctuations in stocks. energy prices affecting profitability.

With an algorithm used to calculate the perfect rate of return that is both attractive and sustainable, the Oryen Network team can back up this percentage using a Risk-Free Value (RFV) portfolio.

The value of this portfolio is continuously increased through the generated trading fees, which can be implemented at any time to support a base price for the ORY token. In addition, the team’s treasury is also committed to safeguarding the value of the token, comparable to a “double wall” of security.

All of this is possible without investing in mining equipment or without worrying about the profitability of variable expenses. As a result, many are looking forward to the release of this platform, which is currently in its first phase of presale and will likely be the lowest possible prices to get ORY.


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