NFT Factory: the French embassy of Web3 art and business

Initiative of 128 co-foundersthe NFT factory opens its doors to the public on October 22. His ambitions: to acculturate and democratize They NFT and the cryptoto exposedigital artbut also Connect They actors to grow the ecosystem and uses.

The term NFT just entered the dictionary. However, the definition of him in the Petit Robert still remains rather imprecise. Proof that the uses of these digital resources still remain largely to be imagined and democratized.

Evangelizing non-fungible tokens is one of the main missions that the NFT factorywhich opened its doors to the press on October 18 for his inauguration. Will welcome the general public in a few days, the Saturday 22 October.

Art as a gateway to NFTs

And for a place at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, technology, business and art, hers 128 founders they found an ideal location. The NFT factory overlooks a high place of French culture: the Pompidou Center.

The NFT factory in Paris – ©

Located in the Marais, a high traffic area, the location must therefore allow the space dedicated to NFTs to host many visitors. At the moment only the ground floor is open. The upper floors are under development.

At this first level, the NFT factory hosts an exhibition of digital works. None are currently for sale. This collection is made available by the collective behind the creation of the factory. However, it is later planned to allow artists to display their creations for sale.

Benoit Coutyalso co-founder and artistic director of the NFT Factory, want to organize periodic exhibitions. A future collaboration with Beaubourg cannot be ruled out either, suggests the cryptocurrency expert. However, artistic applications are only one of the categories of using these tokens.

An industrial challenge for France

The mission of the NFT Factory goes further. “It’s a real one industrial question “, Which continues, he declares Jean-Michel Pailhon, its co-founder and chief of staff of the Unicorn Ledger. Web3 promises the emergence of new giants. The France already has leaders, such as Sandbox, Ledger and Sorare, he quotes.

If in 10 years these leaders are still the world leaders of an industry that has become gigantic, the situation will change. France and Europe will therefore benefit from an industrial advantage, and this is because we could have been pioneers ”, underlines the manager of the NFT Factory.

To allow such a scenario, all that remains is to create the conditions for this success. And this requires the widespread democratization of NFTs among French consumers. ” Our ambition is 40 million portfolios in Francethe massive use of NFT, which requires a thorough knowledge of the subject “.

The NFT factory in Paris

Lucie-Eleonore Riveron, Jean-Michel Pailhon and John Karp during the NFT Factory press conference – ©

For this purpose, the NFT Factory has a counter welcome visitors and carry out educational actions, he explains Lucie-Eleonore Riveron, its CEO – also co-founder of the FauveParis auction house. 10 free workshops of about twenty minutes will be held every day.

There will be added laboratories 1h30, several times a week and “at a fairly affordable price”. The topics covered will be of a different nature. They will aim, for example, to support users in creating a wallet, buying Bitcoins and NFT. Other workshops will cover the security of digital assets, the creation of a non-fungible token and the metaverse.

Connecting NFT players and traditional companies

Within three weeks, on the 1st floor, the Fatory will welcome NFT players to France with the aim of “connecting” them. The space will also be reserved for members, that is holders of the 1000 tokens put up for sale earlier this year. This will make it possible to meet in the context of NFT projects.

The NFT factory will also host:

Sharp events (…) We want to be a place for debate and reflection (…) in the field of art, regulation, law, entrepreneurship (…) The idea is that events every week “, explains Lucie-Eleonore Riveron .

Finally, the third goal: structure and consolidate the NFT ecosystem “However, the universe is opening up and will welcome companies from other sectors. Thus, it will be organized B2B training, particularly aimed at more traditional industries that question the possible uses of NFTs.

To offer this training and support, the NFT Factory will rely on the skills of its founders, such as Sandbox, Arianee, Sorare, etc. Its general manager already has plans for 2023. He therefore plans to organize artist residencies, put a new site on line with Web3 codes and, in the long term, the creation of a incubator.

French activities on NFT

Art is therefore the showcase of the Fabbrica, but not its totality. “Among the 128 founders, many come from the art world, but many more come from gaming, luxury and other worlds of innovation. NFT is a technology that allows for a variety of uses, “he insists John Karpits president.

Art is one of these uses. It is the most visible and the easiest to access. But our logic is clearly to develop all the possibilities related to NFTs ”, he concludes.

Closing guest of the press conference, Jean-Noel Barrot he would like to assure entrepreneurs of government support for their actions.

Jean-Noel Barrot

Jean-Noël Barrot, Delegate Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, during the press conference of NFT Factory – ©

“France has it many resources to be a European hub and without a doubt global for the NFT market », Comments the Minister Delegate for Digital Transition. And to name three hexagonal strengths: its culture, video games and luxury sectors.

It remains for us, and it is the responsibility of the public authorities, to support this movement ”.

However, the terms of this support remain to be defined.

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