a couple got married in a virtual world with NFT as a gift

An American couple has just been united by the bonds of marriage … In the Metaverse. The ceremony took place on Decentraland, a virtual reality platform consisting of over 90,000 plots of virtual land. The spouses asked the Rose Law Group law firm to guarantee the legality of their marriage.

Credits: Kanard Azul via Twitter

Ryan and Candice Hurley said yes to life this Saturday, February 5, 2022. The couple, based in Phoenix, Arizona, however, decided to celebrate this wedding in a different way. In fact, their union was not sealed in a town hall or church, but in the Metaverse! More precisely, theS lovers have sworn allegiance to Decentralanda virtual reality platform consisting of over 90,000 plots of land and based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The ceremony brought together more than 2000 virtual guests, in the presence of Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick. In order to ensure the legality and legal standing of their marriage, the couple appealed to the law firm Rose Law Group. The group’s founder and president, Jordan Rose, says it’s about everything first wedding organized on a blockchain-based metaverse.

The first marriage celebrated in the American metaverse

Since the Metaverse is still in its infancy, we have developed the legal paradigm for a legally recognized marriage “, told our colleagues from the CoinTelegraph site. Incidentally, the law firm also hosted the wedding in its own plot located in Decentraland. For the occasion, the company has developed a “framework of the meta-marriage ” with a “virtual prenuptial contract ” which allows confirm the virtual identities and digital assets of the couple on the blockchain.

Furthermore, a “meta-marriage license “ was signed to identify, register and symbolize the virtual identities of the couple and the place of union on the blockchain in the form of an NFT. “There is currently no legal framework for marriage in the Metaverse, so whether or not it is legally binding is more a matter of contract. explains Jordan Rose.

She continues: “Unlike the real world, the Metaverse is not limited by physical constraints that limit your vision of the perfect marriage. Only in the Metaverse can your wildest and most imaginative dream wedding ever become reality”, specify Decentraland teams in the event description.

metaverse marriage
Credits: Kanard Azul via Twitter

A syndicate parasitized by technical bugs

Note, however, that the couple’s nuptials were marred somewhat by many technical issues. Indeed, Decentraland’s servers were impressed with the large number of guests (more than 2000). Also, the couple had planned to offer gifts in the form of NFTs to guests, only there weren’t enough for everyone.

Then other bugs ruined this digital marriage. Thus, the groom’s avatar remained frozen in the aisle leading to the altar, while Candice’s avatar simply did not appear in the eyes of some guests. In fact, according to the servers on which the guests were distributed, the bride was wearing a dress, a hoodie or simply was not there!

Note that if Jordan Rose seems convinced of the legality of this union, this is not the case for all legal experts. As our colleagues on the CoinTelegraph site recall, American Marriage Ministries stipulates that a marriage ceremony is considered legal if the two people are physically present at the place of the union. Recall, however, that the couple had already been married in “real” life for 14 years.

metaverse marriage
Credits: Kanard Azul via Twitter

The Metaverse, what exactly is it?

For those wondering from the beginning of this article what the Metaverse is, let’s say it is of a set of interconnected virtual spaces where users can live and share different immersive 3D experiences. We find this idea of ​​a permanent virtual world and mass multiplayer, made popular in particular by the “game” Second Life released in 2003.

The term Metaverse has made a comeback since the Facebook name changed to Meta and the group’s desire to invest heavily in developing a new Metaverse. Since then, many companies have tried to develop into this virtual universe, such as Carrefour, which bought a plot in the Metaverse, or the company Tokens.com, which acquired 116 virtual plots on Decentraland for the historic figure of 2.43 million. dollars.

Source: CoinTelegraph

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