Gucci: the brand hires a CEO for its Metaverse Ventures product

Gucci is increasingly present in the metaverse, to the point that it has now had to hire a CEO in charge of this product. Find out everything in this complete article with unpublished information!

The metaverse

You won’t have missed it: in the metaverse it is now possible to do practically anything. Want to have fun? You can access games and entertainment of all kinds, especially in casinos converted to these universes and which give you access to slot machines and other table games, as explained on Are you not one of the casino’s amateur players and prefer to make your purchases on this virtual space? Well, again, a lot of options are available for you. Many brands including Gucci on the contrary, they try to impose themselves on the various metaverses. For the Italian luxury house, this goal is so important that the company has just promoted Robert Triefus to the position of CEO dedicated to this sector. Focus on Gucci’s hopes in the 100% digital world!

The brand decides to combine Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures: close-up on these products

As we explained to you in a previous article, the Gucci’s success in the metaverse it is growing and the house is not going to stop there. It then combined two booming poles within its structure: Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures.

The first is a experimental online space, or as defined by the brand itself, an “online concept store”. It is configured as a box imagined by its designers as “a time machine, an archive, a library, a laboratory and a meeting place”. As soon as you log in, you find items like bags, handkerchiefs and all kinds of branded clothing that are vintage or recycled. It is therefore a kind of time capsule for the home.

It is also a place of marketing of NFT called Supergucci. In all, 250 ceramic sculptures representing the characters of the entertainment brand SUPERPLASTIC are coated with the emblematic Gucci motifs and are therefore offered for sale virtually.

In addition to the Gucci Vault, the maison has also created another space in the metaverse: Gucci Town – a real virtual shop in which more classic items are offered for sale.

Who is the new CEO and what will his role be?

As we revealed in the introduction, it is Robert Triefus who leads this new division that brings together Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures. Triefus is not a newcomer, however, as he is already piling up 14 years of Gucci career in key positions as Marketing Director, Vice President and Head of Brand and Customers.

He will then take over from Nicolas Oudinot who until now was only the CEO of Gucci Vault. The merger of this division with Metaverse Ventures will be a big challenge for its new CEO and for the brand in general.

Robert Triefus will thus have the task of optimally defining and extending all strategies that will be linked to the metaverse, but also to gaming more globally. He will also have to lead the Vault experimental digital space in order to extend its reach.

With almost 15 years of career in the company – after a more than significant experience with other luxury brand experts such as Giorgio Armani or Calvin Klein – this now emblematic figure of the Gucci house will also maintain his brand and corporate strategy responsibilities while remaining Senior Executive Vice President.


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