NFT: Yuga Labs in the community with the launch of the Council of Bored Apes

Community bridge – Yuga Labs wants to improve its communication with the owners of NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club, in order to benefit from the positive synergy that should theoretically generate a great collaborative approach.

The Bored Apes Community Council: monkeys at the service of the club

There will be seven at the start. In an October 4 post, Yuga Labs announces the creation of a municipal council for the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Initially, this organization will consist of seven members who are holders of NFTs belonging to the collection and who, according to the company, have contributed ” proactively and positively to the club right from the start “. Other NFT BAYC holders will join this team in the future.

The current board consists of Josh Ongwho is the founder of an agency and a web3 fund, of the artist Saraand of Laura Rodfounder of The Miami Ape.

BAYC Council – Source: Yuga Labs website

They work together with 0xEthan, who writes to daily newsletter for the audience of Yuga Labs, 0xWave, one of the first to adopt BAYC, the photographer Negi resident in Japan, and Peter Fang, who had supported the organization of one of the first BAYC meetings in Venice, California, in July last year .

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Yuga Labs listens to its community for collective growth

Yuga Labs therefore promotes a community vision through this new initiative, which aims to solicit participation of the owners of Bored Apes Yacht Club in the development of the collection, and to demonstrate to them the importance of this contribution for the company.

In particular, the members of the board will serve as a bridge between the holders of NFT BAYC and Yuga Labs. They will collect the expectations of the community, especially those expressed on social networks. The advice, which would remain autonomous they will also present their ideas and projects.

This organization therefore constitutes a tool forcollective intelligence which should allow the BAYC collection to guarantee its growth, while the ” Monkeys continue to emerge in pop culture “.

NFT Bored Ape Yacht Clubs continue to move forward despite the cryptocurrency winter, which also appears to be cooling the NFT markets as trading volumes are in crisis. downward trend well marked. Monkeys don’t just gamble the marketing drum which involves celebrities to develop their brand, but also for the collective play of the community grow over the long term.

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