Submarine unveils ADD, a brand new series on the world of e-sports

– This sci-fi thriller series features a gaming genius who wants to know what happened to his missing brother

Promotional image from the series INSERT

On 14 October, at the MIA in Rome, the Dutch, English and American studio Submarine as well as the European Alliance formed by the public antennas RAI, ZDF and France Télévisions announced a new series of projects entitled INSERT

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The series has been billed as “a real-life sci-fi thriller about a brilliant young female player who joins the world’s premier esports team, ADD, to find out what happened to her older brother, the …” ex. megastar of ADD, who mysteriously disappeared ‘. She later realizes that the team is part of a sordid neurological experiment and is sucked into a dangerous bottomless pit of corporate corruption, data manipulation and social engineering.

This series in English, written by Nick Luddington (the author and co-producer of the Netflix series Arcane), is based on a successful graphic novel by Douglas Rushkoff. The project will reveal that “a company called Next-Gen seems to dominate the metaverse within which our heroes collide, with evil designs.

On this project, Luddington commented: “As a huge fanatic and player myself, INSERT. (the idea of ​​diving into the high-pressure world of eSports and reflecting on the impact it has on these young gamers) excites me beyond all reason. In the world of competitive esports, fanatics and gamers are heroes and celebrities, yet it is a surprisingly little-known part of society for such a significant phenomenon globally. INSERT enter this arena and explore the captivating vision of strange metaverses, the relationships between players and the price of success. “

The associate producer Femke Wolting added: “INSERT is a sci-fi thriller set in the visceral and adrenaline-pumping world of esports, where teams of extremely gifted teens compete for huge prizes, personal glory and social disgrace. Esports are a vast industry and subculture, attracting more spectators than professional basketball. It’s a fascinating culture and high-risk environment that lends itself well to a dramatic and visually exciting story. The series fits well with Submarine’s mission of always being at the forefront of culture and we are passionate about Nick’s vision, who will create a visually exciting series with an electrifying story. “

The series will be filmed, but will include some of the hybrid animation style Submarine has embraced through its projects, most notably Canceled (for Amazon Prime Video) e Apollo 10½ by Richard Linklater. These hybrid animations will be used to represent “the infinite visual potential and extraordinary cinematic element of the metaverse within which our heroes play and compete.”

INSERT it is carried by Submarine (Netherlands / United Kingdom / United States), RAI (Italy), ZDF (Germany) and France Télévisions (France). The release date for the series has yet to be announced.

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