What uses of blockchain for Smart Cities?

The blockchain is a fascinating topic that intervenes in most sectors of the economy. Although initially applied in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, its applications are increasingly varied. Here is an overview of its use for Smart Cities.

Towards the “Blockchain Of Things” (BoT)

The Blockchain of Things is a new concept that consists of linking Blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things). This concept is to use Smart Contracts to create an interconnection via the Internet of Things, allowing them to send and receive data.

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The “Smart Contract” is a secure transaction carried out through the Blockchain network. This transaction is subject to conditions written on a computer program. The “Smart Contract” will consist of programming hypotheses in the form of code in order to be able to link the actions whose execution is activated automatically when all the agreed conditions are met.

SmartKey, a young blockchain company, stands out today as an interruption in the age of the IOT and is the only platform to connect blockchain and IOT with the aim of democratizing this new concept of “Blockchain of Things”. “.

The SmartKey system, the future of IOT technology

Smart Key’s goal is to become the IOT communication standard by combining second generation Oracle technologies, the Blockchain of Things and the power of decentralized finance (DéFi) to create a unique entry key called Smart NFT.

More simply, SmartKey’s universal communication system would allow to standardize all the IOT applications used for each service.

These traditional services will therefore be able to reinvent themselves and improve considerably thanks to the use of this system.

How can the Smartkey system benefit the city of tomorrow?

Thanks to this democratization of access to services, we can imagine many use cases for Smart Cities. The SmartKey system allows car sharing and provides automated access to cars, homes and hotels. Additionally, DeFi allows users to pay for these services in cryptocurrencies.

Many scenarios are therefore possible: automatically unlocking rental cars, accessing accommodation or hotel rooms, allowing emergency services to access safe areas, etc.

The Orange and SmartKey partnership, a very specific use case

In July 2021, Orange collaborates with SmartKey to offer the first Internet of Things Blockchain SIM card. This SIM card uses Blockchain technology to enable safer, smoother and faster sensor management.

By using this SIM card, emergency services will be able to access protected areas more quickly. This new SIM card was tested in the city of Olsztyn in Poland and its use proved to be very promising. As a result of these tests, Orange has distributed more than 2 million SIM cards in 80 Polish cities.

The capabilities of the SmartKey system and more generally of the Blockchain are not yet used in Smart Cities. However, their automation of access to services suggests that this technology would have many advantages in the ecosystem of Smart Cities.

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