The metaverse, a new playground for companies?

Yves Benchimol

Young service created in 2019, WeWard is developing in Europe at high speed thanks to its application which has already been downloaded more than a million times. Yves Benchimol, the founder of the young filming, is also passionate about the Metaverse. Maintenance.

Why do some French companies decide to take the plunge and invest in the metaverse?

Yves Benchimol : Many large companies such as Carrefour or Ubisoft recently announced the acquisition of land in the metaverse. Facebook has decided to rename its company as Meta and is investing billions to develop the technologies that will enable the implementation of Metaverse use cases.

New technologies and in particular augmented reality and virtual reality portend new and innovative applications that will change our interactions in an immersive universe. There are three broad promising categories that most companies developing solutions are looking at:

In the entertainment arena, the metaverse could offer an augmented entertainment experience – watching a movie with a friend on the other side of the planet, playing a board game with a crossed stranger on TheSandbox, or even watching a live concert as if we were there.

In the sports field, the metaverse can allow sports coaches, for example, to get you moving from your living room. A company like WeWard, of which I am President, imagines giving you virtual advantages in the metaverse based on your physical activity in the real world. We are convinced that the metaverse will develop very powerful motivational factors for physical activity.

The metaverse will also transform telecommuting by allowing remote employees to benefit from the same benefits as face-to-face employees: specifically for productivity during meetings, better inclusion and ease in organizing more engaging virtual events, for example.

Some French companies would like to be among the first to offer an improved teleworking experience to their employees. In fact, I think teleworking is definitely the first use case they can imagine installing virtual “offices” in the metaverse.

What does the interest of companies in the metaverse show?

Today, when a French company publicly announces its interest and investment in the metaverse, it demonstrates its agility and capacity for innovation. I think it is an excellent lever to attract young talents.

While no concrete use of the metaverse currently benefits the customers of these innovative companies, this demonstrates the adaptability of these large groups to the change we are experiencing and places them as pioneers in the innovations to come.

I think caring about it today is a step into the future and could really allow companies to make a major change soon enough that they won’t feel overwhelmed later on.

In addition to the three axes of domination mentioned above, I think that the metaverse and the technologies that derive from it will represent extraordinary opportunities because they will allow to rethink in depth the ownership and use of data, the disintermediation of services and the emergence of new economic models that they redistribute some of their value to users through tokens and NFTs.

The future will likely show that companies that have managed to transform and adapt thanks to the investments they dared to make soon enough will have been the biggest beneficiaries of the metaverse.

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