The purchase of credits to restore the purchasing power of the Ultramarines

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] For a long time, the overseas territories were excluded from the credit buyback offer. Since 2015 Keyliance has specialized in providing these departments with an offer similar to that of mainland France. Franck Motte, founding director of Keyliance, enlightens us.

What is Keyliance’s offer of services in the area of ​​credit redemption?

Keyliance is an intermediary in banking operations. Therefore, we are commissioned by banks or credit institutions to distribute their products to private customers. We specialize in the repurchase of credit: this is an operation that consists in taking over several loans, of different duration and nature, and merging them into one, over a generally longer duration in order to lower the monthly payments. We can group affected consumer loans (cars, motorcycles, equipment and home improvements, etc.), real estate loans (purchase, work) and even debts (taxes, donors, employers, family or friends). In addition, we offer borrower insurance associated with the transaction.

If the primary objective is to lower the reimbursement burden to rebalance a budget or generate new savings or investment capacity, these operations also make it possible to finance new projects, capital goods or habitat improvement works. Each client is unique, it is up to us to design a tailor-made financial solution.

In this market, Keyliance has a specificity: that of working mainly in overseas departments, both remotely thanks to the Internet, and locally through its network of agencies located in Reunion and Martinique, its agents and prescribers. We chose this orientation because this DROM market has been overlooked by our banking partners. Too often the object of prejudice, we struggle every day to have the goods of these territories recognized and to offer them the same products, at the same price and under the same conditions as the metropolis.

How is the credit repurchase market going?

The credit redemption market is at the heart of the news as we allow our customers to regain purchasing power by reducing the weight of their monthly installments. But be careful, it does not necessarily cost less, on the contrary, because it acts above all on the amount of the installments, not on the total cost of the credit.

In figures, in the last four years it has grown by over 15% per year and traditional banks, which initially abandoned it, are increasingly interested in it, demonstrating its dynamism.

Digitization and innovation: how is the credit consolidation sector evolving?

While digitalization and especially OCR and open banking are bringing new entrants to the loan repurchase industry, they are also bringing agility, speed, flexibility and productivity gains. It is a rapidly evolving market, where innovations and opportunities abound.

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