Brianna. Fighting Breast Cancer: The Mel’Rose is still gaining momentum

The hard core of volunteers. 50 of them, including those from the Festival Committee, will oversee the event on Saturday 22 October © Eveil Normand / Caroline Prévost

Screening and research are the two tendons of the war against breast cancer. For this the movement Pink Octoberborn in 1985 in the United States, it quickly spread around the world, arriving in France in 1994.

The main goal of the campaign is to raise public awareness about systematic screening, since the earlier this cancer is discovered, the more likely it is to be curable. The fundraising is used to finance scientific and medical research. It is with this aim that various events are organized, including the Mel Rosa to Brionne (Eure).

Everyone worried

“We have been mobilizing here for five years now and each new edition is gaining momentum,” he explains Elsa Papelard at the origin of this Brionnese movement, with Gregorio Leon.

This event is also a local tribute to Mélanie Marie, who passed away in 2020 despite her brave battle. Moral support also to all Bryonese and to the families concerned.

Valery Beuriot is happy to be able to support the enormous organizational work of the eleven volunteers, faithful year after year, providing the logistical means of the municipality as well as an economic contribution for the communication on the event.

It also announces that for the first time EHPAD participates in de Brionne. “The premises have been decorated with the colors of the Pink October and the residents have created a banner that will be installed, together with that of the youth service, on the runner-walkers path”, she reveals.

Elsa Papelard specifies that at the beginning of the competition “participants will be asked to greet the residents who will watch them pass by their windows or the terrace of the establishment”.

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Volunteers and dedicated partners

More than seventy-seven partners are mobilized, including supermarkets, traders and artisans.

“They are working harder and harder, organizing their activities and then they will give us the money raised. We thank the Prognons, who allowed us to cross their forest again this year. This new course, inaugurated last year, was very pleased to the participants, and we are happy to be able to offer it again to them. ”

Elsa Papelard

The organizer also thanks the municipal police, the gendarmerie, the fire brigade, the valley ambulances, the red cross, the Anec 76 which, like every year, will provide an escort on motorcycles.

A thousand members including groups

Registrations are closed. Elsa Papelard notes this year that a new movement is taking shape, that of entrepreneurial groups such as CAF de l’Eure which has offered places to its employees, members of the college of Brionne, Crédit Agricole, IME of Pont-Audemer …

“In total, more than 1,000 people: runners / walkers, but also donors, those who, without taking part in the race, buy a t-shirt, a keychain, or donate money for no consideration”.

Like every year, Elsa and her team try to spend as little money as possible thanks to the support of members, and to donate as much as possible to the League Against Cancer. “Last year we raised € 13,195, we hope to do even better in 2022! she exclaims.

The Cancer League

Karine Lechevalier, from Eure Committee of the League Against Cancerexplains in a nutshell the role of this national association which has existed since 1918.

“We have branches in all French departments,” he says. Last year, nationwide, we paid thirty-seven million euros for research in general and four million for breast. Eure managed to raise 56,000 euros. “

But the League’s action doesn’t stop there. There is help, support for the sick, psychological, logistical or financial. The association has enough weight to make its voice heard at the Ministry of Health and obtain a ban on nitrites in food, a reduction in the right to be forgotten, which has been reduced from 10 years to 5 years in the case of bank loans or credits, national information campaigns… A series of vital and necessary actions.

Mel’Rose de Brionne: next Saturday, October 22nd. Meet her in front of the station for a warm-up session. The departure for the 10 km will be at 16:00 and that for the 5 km and walk at 16:15.

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