Telegram will auction usernames via the TON blockchain

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov noted the success of decentralized domain names a few months ago and specifically announced that Telegram may offer similar services. This is now done, as Telegram users will soon be able to purchase usernames via the TON blockchain.

Usernames via the TON blockchain

instant messaging app Telegram will soon offer usernames via The Open Network (TON) blockchain. to its users thanks to a dedicated market. As indicated Pavel DurovTelegram CEO, last August, these names will be sold using a technology similar to non-fungible tokens (NFT).

These are like that over 700 million users who will be able to acquire their username on the blockchain through smart contracts similar to those of NFTs. A few months ago, Pavel Durov spoke about the potential this system could have on Telegram after TON proposed decentralized domain names as Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

Indeed, at the time, the operation had been a great success. The domain name “casino.ton”, for example, sold for over $ 200,000.

For the moment, the smart contract that will serve as a framework for this market is in free audit on GitHub to be verified by developers who want it. They will be able to receive a reward ranging from $ 200 to $ 50,000 if they manage to detect an error in the code, the bonus is obviously proportional to the severity of the error in question.

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Telegram and the Web3

Initially, when TON (which then stood for Telegram Open Network) was created, Telegram had plans to interfere with Web3 launching a digital payments platform dedicated to its messaging system, as well as being able to possibly host decentralized applications (dApps) on its blockchain.

In 2018, Telegram managed to pick up none other than $ 1.7 billion in a private sale of TON tokens. Subsequently, in October 2019, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Telegram, accusing him of proposing an offer of unregistered securitieswhich is considered a crime.

Thus, under pressure from regulators, Telegram finally abandoned the project, which was taken over by the developers who continued to develop the blockchain, which was later renamed “The Open Network”.

However, as Pavel Durov was forced to abandon the project, the latter is far from wanting to abandon blockchain technology, as evidenced by the announcement we are talking about today.

The TON token did not remain indifferent to the announcement, its price immediately went up by more than 12% as a result of the latter :

TON course

Price of the TON token in 24 hours

Finally, a precise date has not been announced for the release of this marketplace for Telegram, but it should be soon, according to the various announcements by the team in charge of the project.

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