The NFTs put on a show and come to La Cigale thanks to Tailor

NFT and the song of the cicada – The non-fungible tokens (NFT) are becoming more and more popular thanks to their unique character, which makes them desirable to collect. They can also carryexclusive benefitsas we saw this summer with Olympia NFT. This time, it’s another mythical room that gives them a voice: The cicada in Paris.

“Les Cigales”: NFTs that grant musical privileges

A few months after Olympia, it is therefore with the concert hall of The cicada that the French crypto-company Tailor sign in cooperation. The great Parisian salon will thus fully enter the world of non-fungible tokens.

A new exclusive collection of NFT, “Cicadas” (below), has been in play since October 19, 2022. Depending on their degree of rarity, these collectible tokens will also allow their lucky owners to participate free concerts.

“Digitizing the Cigale experience, retaining our spectators and forging unique bonds with the fans in the hall are at the heart of our challenges. The NFT “Les Cigales” project appeared as an obvious way to help us achieve these goals. We want to draw on the latest technological innovations to offer our loyal fans ever more innovative and engaging experiences. “

France Allegre-Gouygou, General Manager of La Cigale

The NFTs to win from the La Cigale room.

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Try to catch Les Cigales with this contest

To have a chance to win these NFTs, participants will need to do so “Take part in an initiatory and playful journey made up of this” with La Cigale. You will first need to go to the page dedicated to this contest on the Tailor website.

Like in a video game, each completed mission entitles you to experience points and advances the player in “La Voie de la Cigale”. The further the player progresses, the harder the levels are to reach.

Participants will have until Friday November 4th at 12:00 to progress as much as possible in their missions. On that date they will be able to open theirs “mysterious casket”and discover the shortage of their cicada. As well as his benefits linked, up to concert tickets freeat the choice of the NFT holder.

If you are already a fan of La Cigale or want to try your luck with these NFTs, go to the Tailor site. Non-fungible tokens have succeeded in bringing together the arts and the digital worldwe are not yet just at the beginning of their wide applications.

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