France explores the possibilities of metaverses beyond the Meta tree

A exploratory report on development of the metaverse was delivered to government. Its purpose: to lay the foundations for a metaversic strategy Which covers all topics, frominfrastructure to the regulation.

This was recalled by the delegate minister for digital transition and telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot, during the inauguration of the NFT factory. A report next dedicated to metaverse fuel the government’s reflection on the Web3.

This mission is now completed with the delivery of the document to the Ministers of Culture and Digital. Its three authors, Camille Francois, Remi Ronfard and Adrien Basdevantlay the foundations for a possible metaversic strategy “.

The Meta tree that hides the forest

The speakers are working in particular to put a definitionnot of, but metaversi. In fact, they observe a “great confusion” around this concept, which since 2021 has been trying to vindicate Half.

The first recommendation of the report therefore consists in “resisting the (im) simplistic visions brought about by marketing campaigns”. Therefore, each actor has their own definition of the metaverse and its underlying technologies.

Just like the metaverse it is not limited to the development of Meta and its applications for social networks, nor is it inseparable from the blockchain and the Web3, the authors consider.

So for us metaverses and blockchains (just like metaverses and Web3) are in no way consubstantial, but some metaverses may be based on distributed ledger technologies, ”they write.

France well positioned for diving

Consequently, in order to define an adequate political strategy, it is necessary to start from a flexible definition, which suggests the plurality of horizons of diving technologies “However, in this sector, France is“ well positioned ”, thanks in particular to its ecosystem, and also to its two ecosystems.

The relationship distinguishes that of digital realities (virtual, augmented, mixed) and a second enveloping blockchain, Web3 And NFT. “There are French talents in these two ecosystems”.

A public strategy of the metaverse it must therefore “necessarily cover these two ecosystems at the same time, even if in reality few combine them to date”, recommend the speakers.

To activate these ecosystems, they also recommend mobilizing them in the short term on concrete projects. And the 2024 Olympics it could be that imminent opportunity.

Joint actions of the 2024 Paris Olympics

The report calls for the actors to be brought together “in a public / private consortium led by Inria with the ambition to “offer highly visible actions around immersive experiences” on the Olympic Games.

More generally, a metaverse strategy should be based on covering major axes infrastructure, culture, regulation, support for innovationwithout forgetting the social and environmental issues.

As such, the development of metaverses should be based, for example, on open standards and their interoperability. In terms of support for innovation, the authors warn against a policy that would only aim to “get the European Google out of the metaverse”. Support needs to be more diverse.

It seems strategic to protect, support and encourage leading players on technological building blocks that may be more modest, but essential to building tomorrow’s metaverses. ”And, ideally, these building blocks will adopt eco-responsible standards.

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